Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab E very entry level

Samsung today presents its new tablet-oriented entry level. Called Galaxy Tab E, it is intended primarily to Asia.

We hear about last week, and that’s official. The Galaxy Tab S, Samsung’s new tablet has been unveiled by the manufacturer in Taiwan, and is a little more entry that the recent Galaxy Tab A. Billed about 180 euros (NT $ 6999), the tablet this indeed modest characteristics.

For what we know today, the Galaxy Tab S has a screen of 9.6 inches with a definition of 1280 x 800 pixels, or about 157 dpi. This is not the side of the display that will shine the device also features a quad-core 1.3GHz SoC whose origin has not yet been clarified by Samsung – can be expected to the MediaTek or, as SamMobile suggests a signed Spreadtrum chip. This is anyway associated with 1.5GB of RAM, an 8GB memory coupled with a microSD port, a back camera of 2 megapixels and is powered by a battery of 5000 mAh. Too bad for her, the Galaxy Tab S is equipped with KitKat while its competitors now come most often in Lollipop, and is at present proposed in WiFi version.

With such characteristics, and by the time the entry level products are increasing in competition, it is likely that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E reserves the Taiwanese market where it has been announced. A 3G version of the device should also soon be presented there.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: still leaking pictures

The Galaxy Note 7 has once again surprised on the canvas. This time, it’s stolen photos, to assess the few changes since last year.

Galaxy Note 7, we now know much. According to many rumors surrounding the device, there would be a 5.7-inch smartphone with a curved display on both sides. And unlike last year, when Samsung had sold a 5 Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, it should not be this year only one version of the phone with a curved screen and a port for the stylus.

If we have already seen a few images from the camera before, today is Steve Hemmerstoffer the leaker behind @Onleaks account, which publishes on his personal account stolen images and the alleged Galaxy Note 7. Without surprise therefore we see a great smartphone that has a family resemblance with the Galaxy S7 pronounced edge.

Modules containing an iris scanner?

It is difficult to see in these photos the port containing the stylus as they are of poor quality. On some images, however, can be seen above the screen several modules containing sensors. Besides the front camera sensor, it can be assumed that this is an iris scan, in rumor on the Galaxy Note 7 for many months.

Recall that to finish the Galaxy Note 7 will be announced on 2 August in the occasion of a press conference.

Sony Xperia and Nexus 7 to updates deployed quickly

Developers are able to run the new Linux kernel version 4.5 on the Nexus 7, 2013, with only 50 required patches. Very good news after a few days the announcement of Sony’s Linux mainline kernel support for its Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z3. The advantage for the user is simple: to benefit all Linux kernels news faster and hopefully a shorter time between updates.

Android is based on a core (kernel) Linux. When a manufacturer wants to install Android on their device, it must provide bug fixes and add functionality to the core, in addition to a series of basic patches from Google to successfully run AOSP on the terminal. These patches can number in the tens of thousands when it comes to supporting a number of unknown components in the Linux world: a Qualcomm SoC, Wi-Fi chip, etc. If the manufacturer wants to use the latest version of the Linux kernel, it must apply itself many patches. This may be changing, thanks to Sony.

Sony is working to support mainline kernel

In February, Sony announced the Linux kernel support the mainline branch for some devices (Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2 and Z3). For your information, the mainline kernel is currently in version 4.5 while the Galaxy Samsung S7 is equipped with the 3.18 kernel that has more than a year. The idea for Sony, then propose to the Linux community the changes to the mainline kernel to support the Xperia devices without the need to deploy tens of thousands of patches. The objective is clear: to limit time spent by developers during a kernel update on the devices and give users more easily the Linux kernel latest.

Nexus 7: the 4.5 kernel is

Users of the Google Nexus 7 2013 also will take advantage of the latest kernels. Indeed, some developers have managed to turn the Nexus 7, 2013, with the 4.5 kernel on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with only 50 patches, using the graphics driver and freedeno mesa for OpenGL support. The curious can even follow this mini tutorial in English to try to install the kernel 4.5 on the Nexus 7.

Faster updates for users

For end users, support mainline kernel on Android devices will benefit from faster upgrades s when manufacturers will be forced, or wish to update the kernel. then hopefully the quicker arrival of new versions of Android on the devices even if for now, only Sony seems to want to go that route.

Soon Chromebook and Chromebase equipped with a Tegra X1?

It seems that Chrome OS is preparing for Chromebooks feature a Tegra X1 SoC from Nvidia. In any case that suggests the source code from Chromium OS, the open source project based on Chrome OS.

The Tegra X1 was announced by Nvidia last January at CES. This is an extremely powerful SoC that has an octa-core processor and a graphics chip Maxwell after the PC world. This is the SoC that are found in the new Shield Console. The chip could also take place in connected and autonomous cars and why not in the drone. One could also find them in Chromebooks. It is indeed that suggests the source code from Chromium OS.

The site CNX Software has indeed found traces of T210 chip Tegra X1 corresponding to certain portions of the source code. The developers are currently integrating the Nvidia SoC support in Chromium OS, which will in future offer machines Chrome OS architected around a Tegra X1. There would be two different platforms: smaug and foster. It is therefore possible to find in the future a Chromebook and Chromebox Tegra X1.

Such power is not necessarily required for all users. However, with the ability to run more and more Android apps in Chrome with Google CRA, it becomes interesting to have a powerful machine to allow you to launch applications or intensive games.

Samsung unveils brain sensor that can prevent stroke

Samsung is not only a manufacturer of smartphones, TVs or refrigerators. Korean also working on medical equipment for the general public. It has just unveiled the EDSAP, headphones connected to a smartphone capable of preventing strokes.

Samsung, like many new technology companies are very interested in the medical field and how it is possible to connect medical devices to consumer devices. In this perspective, the Korean has unveiled the EDSAP for Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package, a helmet connected to a smartphone or a tablet, can prevent stroke, more known as stroke. This prototype stuffed sensors can detect brain waves generated by electrical oscillations of neurons in the brain. These brain waves are then transcribed on a smartphone or tablet with an application dedicated to EDSAP that should display on the smartphone brain rhythm helmet wearer. The application then will be able to gauge the likelihood of risk of stroke. The aim is not so much to indicate that a stroke will occur that warn the user that there is a risk and it is advisable to consult a doctor. The type of notification that no one wants to appear one day on their smartphone …

Samsung says that such devices already exist in hospitals. But EDSAP has many advantages. The first is that the analysis of brain waves with only takes a minute with the Samsung device against 15 minutes or more for traditional devices. The second is that the brain wave analysis is very detailed thanks to special rubber materials and conductors that make up what has been discovered headset Samsung’s engineers. Finally, and this is the point that Samsung deems most important, these rubber materials can integrate the EDSAP on any everyday object, like a hairpin or branches glasses. The prototype image visible again in the shape of a helmet, but Samsung says it already can greatly miniaturize.

Samsung makes no release date for that sensor of a particular genre but the simple fact that the officially announced on its official website states that the manufacturer believes the product is viable and marketable. Samsung also says that this sensor may eventually also monitor a user’s heart rate to prevent heart attacks and potentially prevent other diseases related to the brain. Samsung says that the particular EDSAP will provide information on sleep cycles or stress.

Sony unveils its first Android TV TVs, including a promising X90C

Like Philips, Sony has decided to install a large part of its range of TVs with Android TV. The Japanese manufacturer has long presented his main top model, the X90C, and how it has integrated Android TV. Here’s what to retain.

Android TV for medium TVs and high-end

At CES 2015 Sony unveiled a new range of television, one of the main innovations was to run on Android TV. Sony has decided to abandon Opera to jump into the arms of Google. In fact, all the televisions of the Japanese manufacturer are not or will not be installed on Android TV. The Google OS will be reserved for the middle of models and high-end, about two-thirds of its new range of screens. The remaining third is respect of the non connected TV, or even connected televisions but turning on Opera. To get hold of a TV with Android TV, it will cost a little over 800 euros.

Specifically, Sony will divide its range of televisions Android TV into two categories. The first contains three frames ranging from 43 to 65 inches (model W75, W80 and W85) with prices ranging from 800 to 2000 euros. The second includes 4K TVs divided into six frames (one curved screen), and Sony has broadly separated into three ranges: midrange (X8305 models X8505), upscale X90C and high-end (X93 and X94 ). It is precisely the X90C model we introduced Sony this morning.

The fineness of the X90C (4.9 mm) is truly impressive.

The X90C, television flagship Sony

There is therefore a high-end TV available in 55 or 65 inches and whose most striking feature is undoubtedly its great finesse. Screen borders do indeed only 4.9 mm thick, which is less than a smartphone. In fact, the bottom of the device is somewhat more portly since all the electronics of the apparatus is comprised in a housing of a centimeter thick. Sony, however, ensures that television can easily be wall mounted via a system of wall mounts included in the box. A fixing system that allows to hang the TV to less than 4 centimeters from the wall.

The Sony LCD X90C features a 4K (3840 x 2160) Edge LED type incorporating Quantum Dots Technology (Sony designates by the name Triluminos). A screen that displays so beautiful colors but the contrast is down compared to the OLED displays of competition, as can be seen for example at LG. The X90C features the mysterious 4K processor X1 which little is known (ARM architecture? Number of heart?). Sony ensures that this processor manages admirably for upscaling Full HD definitions and corrects the low-quality video display to display the best resolution. Is. The rest of this data sheet is also pretty standard with an internal storage space of 16 GB, Chromecast integration and a complete connectors (3 USB ports, four HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, etc.).

Unchanged interface but complemented by Sony

Obviously, the thing that Sony was most proud of during this presentation, it was the inclusion of Android TV. It is almost the interface present since it is the same on all Android devices TV, Google has forbidden anyone to include any overlay to its OS to TVs. We thus find a separate interface in six bands in which one can navigate horizontally. The first banner displays the video content that the user can see in the applications installed on television, while the second panel, the one that manufacturers can customize, displays applications recommended by Sony. The brand has also assured us that his TV Android TV are systematically delivered with minimal installed applications. Unlike Philips televisions, as I had seen it a few weeks ago, the interface was very fast and very fluid. However, it should be noted that the price range is not at all the same.

If Google officially banned manufacturers to integrate any software overlay to Android TV, that did not stop Sony to add some extra options over the Google OS. It may seem strange, but Sony officially speak of “a second integrated OS Android directly to TV.” Specifically, nothing changes in the interface of Android TV, but Sony has added options, quick adjustments and additional shortcuts for the user to easily switch from one application to another or to monitors other television when watching a video (typically, viewed Thalassa pending advertising halftime ends (do not deny it, we all did)). This same “second OS” also change the sound or visual mode, change the brightness on the fly or to launch a frequently used application without returning to the main menu of Android TV. In fact Sony has just completed the Google interface, which does not have the same experience that Sony on user needs.

Read more

Test Player of the Nexus and Android TV

The voice recognition in the heart of navigation

Unlike Phillips, who had not hesitated to incorporate a keyboard on the back of some of his remotes, Sony has opted for a “remote touch” to navigate the menus of Android TV. This is a small remote control virtually devoid of any button (actually visible only possible to change channels and change the volume of sound) and includes a touchpad and microphone. Sony counts on integrated voice recognition Android TV to purely and simply replace a keyboard. And demonstration in support, has shown that speech recognition allowed to do any kind of research, whether in video content or the application store. For refractory, a virtual keyboard is integrated with Android TV. We must then go from letter to letter and confirm them one by one to search. Suffice to say that everything is done to encourage the user to use this microphone.

The basic remote control, sold with all Sony TVs …

… And the touch remote control, sold only with the middle of TVs and upscale.

If this touch remote control is integrated with the X90C, however it will not be sold with all Sony TVs. The representatives of the brand and assured us that she will be present with televisions sold more than 1200 euros. For other TVs, it will settle for an “old” remote without microphone and do his research with the arrow keys, or through a mobile app (Android TV app or application of Sony TV Slide Show) , connect a Bluetooth keyboard touchpad … or buy said touch remote 70 euros. The price to have a complete connected TV.

The X90C, also known by the nicknames of KD-55X9005C or KD-65X9005C, is available now for two weeks in the major French stores. It is currently sold at 3,500 euros in 55-inch and 4,300 euros version 65 inches. On the occasion of its launch Sony also offers reimbursement rates between 200 and 300 euros until 30 August.

Space Ark THD, a jumping game of a particular kind

Ark in Space THD, it is not so much the gameplay that makes the universe smile. The game passes near the box “unusual” or enters squarely, everyone to judge.

A dog with a jet-pack, bouncing on a trampoline to reach crystals and catch fruits on a hologram. That’s the quick summary of the Space Ark THD gameplay. In detail, the character is a dog browsing planets, aboard a rocket. The goal is to terraform (that is to say, to change the atmosphere and environment of the planet). For this, the gigantic screen resembling a futuristic holographic screen, pink crystals are arranged, as well as fruit, bouncy clouds and exit doors.

The gameplay is gyroscopic, meaning you tilt the tablet in one direction or another to bounce your character. The trampoline is still in the dog but you have to catch the falling fruit ground before they hit the ground, a challenge given the inertia of the trampoline, which takes forever to change direction and begins to slide full speed.

You can also order the trampoline by pressing a finger on it and dragging your finger from right to left. but accuracy is not greater because the trampoline’s just moved in the direction, it does not follow your finger. To activate the jetpack, we must remain pressed the screen, so you choose your configuration according to your preferences.

The game, available for devices running Tegra is free. It requires a device running Android 3.0 and 114 MB of free space.

Space Ark THD

Strawdog Studios


Sosh: tomorrow, 10 euro discount on its main data plans

Sosh just launched in the price war currently raging in the French market. Tomorrow, it will offer 10 euro discount on its packages to 19.99 euros and 24.99 euros.

After Free Mobile and Bouygues Telecom, which have both offered their main data plans without obligation 3.99 euros, behold Sosh (re) launches him as the price war. Tomorrow, the low cost operator Orange will apply 10 euro discount on its two main packages, as in his latest promotion dating back to last December. Specifically, the packages 19.99 and 24.99 euros including calls, unlimited SMS and MMS as well as 5 and 10 GB of data respectively will move to 9.99 and 14.99 euros.

#meetupsosh Promo #Sosh up tomorrow: -10 € on all packages with data (even 4p) (until 20/04)

– SosherZ (@SosherZ_) April 6, 2016

As Christmas on packages € 19.99 and € 24.99 will be -10 to Christmas as well as on mobile packages / Livebox from 30 €! #meetupsosh

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

Price war forces, this offer is only valid for new customers. It should only be effective for one year and after that period, prices will return to normal. The offer will begin tomorrow, April 7 and will end on April 20.

Loyal customers will be entitled only anecdotal benefits

The big losers are often as those who have not changed operator in recent months. Sosh however, should announce new for these loyal customers. Members of the community invited to the operator, and say Sosh will review its system of sponsorship from 21 next April and offer two months free to sponsor, but also offer one or more free options to customers who have one or more years of seniority. Their flash sales will also be reserved. All details should be revealed tomorrow.

The sponsorship is changing from April 21 to @Sosh_fr and the sponsor will now 2 months free. #meetupsosh

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

#meetupsosh #fidelite monthly flash sale for subscribers (one starts with a galaxy S6)

– SosherZ (@SosherZ_) April 6, 2016

Loyalty is rewarded at @Sosh_fr. Depending on the age (per year) free option for 1 month (½) #meetupsosh

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

(2/2) month anniversary of his client. #meetupsosh if the client has two years of seniority will have the option for 2 months etc .. Limit 3 years!

– Mr. Pierre Mickael (@Toximityx) April 6, 2016

This new price drop decided by Orange is in total contradiction with the words of its CEO. Yesterday, Stéphane Richard stated: ‘I make you a bet, however, that prices will rise. There will be agitation, but no price war. The promotions will stop, it’s a lot of money wasted for a few million consumers a total of 60 million. Customers that you earn in March were lost in April. Different actors will simply no longer afford to burn fuel in the incinerator of the price war. ” Do what I say …

View New packages Sosh

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Galaxy Note 7 5, from the practical to playful

– Reduce

Technical characteristics


Fun features

The S-Pen stylus

High-end features


The Galaxy Note 7 complements an already strong 2016 range from Samsung, Galaxy since it has two successful, S7 and S7 edge. But mostly, he just succeed a Galaxy Note 5 that has not been marketed in France as well as its European alternative, the Galaxy S6 edge +. Change Does it really the deal compared to its predecessors? We made the comparison.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

OS version

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

N / C

N / C





Screen Size

5.7 inches

5.7 inches

5.7 inches


2560 x 1440 pixels

2560 x 1440 pixels

2560 x 1440 pixels

pixel density

515 dpi

N / C

N / C


Exynos 8890 2.6 GHz to

Exynos 7420 2.1GHz to

Exynos 7420 2.1GHz to

Processor (CPU)

Cortex-A72, Octa-core

N / C

Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57, Octa-core

Graphics chip (GPU)


N / C


random access memory (RAM)




Internal memory (flash)

64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB

32GB, 64GB

32GB, 64GB



N / C

N / C

Camera (dorsal)

12 Megapixels

16 Megapixels

16 Megapixels

Camera (front)

5 Megapixel

5 Megapixel

5 Megapixel

video recording





802.11 a / b / g / n / ac

802.11 a / b / g / n / ac

802.11 a / b / g / n / ac


4.2 + A2DP + LE

4.1 + A2DP + EDR + LE

4.2 + A2DP + LE + apt-X


N / C



supported bands


850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz, 1700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2600 MHz, 700 MHz

N / C





Ports (inputs / outputs)

USB Type-C








3500 mAh

3000 mAh

3000 mAh


153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm

N / C

154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm


168 grams

N / C

153 grams


Blue, Black, Silver

N / C

White, Blue, Grey, Gold


811 euros

485 euros

9 euros







A design in line with the Galaxy S6 edge +

It is a striking point when considering the current Galaxy Note 7. The device, despite its position in the rating range, now sports a design harmonized with the Galaxy range S. Much like the Galaxy S6 edge + therefore, it has a curved screen on the front, as his back is curved. Like the edge S6 + was a “great” Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 7 is a Galaxy S7 revised version XL.

The Galaxy S6 Edge +

More S Note that by design, the Galaxy Note 7 However, registered in the line of its predecessor in terms of dimensions. Alros the Note 5 measuring 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm, the measurement Note 7 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm. It is slightly thicker, but less wide, and weighs two grams lighter. Samsung shows here that miniaturization limits have been reached, at least for the technologies it has to date.

A model geared more towards entertainment

This is one of the points that make a difference with the Galaxy Note 5. This was indeed essentially presented as a productivity tool, due to the integration of a handy stylus for taking notes. This is still the case this year, but Samsung multiplies own features to make their device a hybrid model, turned to both professionals and entertainment enthusiasts.

This applies in particular to the radius of the software options. The pen Note 7 means it can trigger an option to create GIF on the fly in apps disseminating the video, as YouTube use a dedicated social networks more than professional emails. In the same vein, Samsung introduces Note 7 as the first mobile to support the HDR video streaming. The latter, which we detailed the operation here, benefits include enhanced color rendition on applications such as Netflix. We can also bring the support API Vulkan – inaugurated at the Galaxy S7 – linked by a p games offered with the phone ack, and who will benefit. Finally, like the Galaxy S7, the Note 7 will come with a Gear VR headset for any pre-order: again, the smartphone is immersed in a universe far more playful than its predecessors.

A slightly improved stylus

Note that says, said stylus, absent from alternative 2015, the Galaxy S6 edge + marketed in Europe. Note that 7 has a refined tip (0.7 mm diameter), recognizes different pressure levels and very similar to that of the Note 5. However, it improves the options, coupled with a new version of TouchWiz based Marshmallow on. One can only hope that his options are given on the rating 5.

These options, therefore, relate to features Air View, which include the ability to zoom into text in using the pinch-to-zoom, or selection of words in the text, allowing a verbatim translation (Google Translate). For entertainment, the painting enthusiasts can mix different colors (almost) like on a real canvas.

Again, an XL version of a high-end smartphone

Different in terms of targeting and even prices – this is the most expensive Note range – the Galaxy Note 7 does not fall less in the line of his predecessor on one point: it is also the version giant Galaxy S of the year. The Galaxy Note 5 was equipped with the Exynos 7420 Galaxy S6 his camera of 16 megapixels and a qHD 5.7 inch screen when, for the same format, Note 7 adopts the Exynos 8890, 4 GB RAM and 12 megapixel camera of the Galaxy S7. Note that gains 500 mAh battery of 3000 mAh included in Note 5, but remains slightly below the 3600 mAh Galaxy S7 edge, yet slightly more compact.

Smartphone, tablet, TV: How to follow the Euro 2016?

– Reduce

The channels


connected objects

From mobile


This Friday, June 10, Team France made its entry into the Euro taking place at home in France. On Friday, the country will experience the rhythm of football on Friday we have an appointment with history. But how do you make the most of this month of competition? At we decided to help you not to miss. One never knows, there may be a feat! TV connected or not, applications to download to your mobile, overview of the options available to you.

Which broadcasts?

As you know, several options are available to you to watch the games of the Euro 2016. There is first the option TF1, enhanced commentators team so Canal + broadcast 22 games, and a rather complete coverage free chain.

There is also the option M6, broadcast 11 games, but especially the final, most important, hoping that our little blue there are. And after those who are willing to pay, there is the solution beIN SPORTS, pay solution, but the most comprehensive since the channel will broadcast all the matches of the competition.

To watch from the sofa

If you are style to stay home, surrounded by your group of friends to enjoy a few Tourtel (because watching athletes run on a ground makes you thirsty), you need a good TV. If you have not already, here are three models to choose from depending on your budget.

Full HD for less than 350 euros

For tight budgets, we chose the TV SONY KDL-40R450C. Why do it please? His right size 40 inch Full HD, fineness (LED edge), its ability to record to USB on a hard drive and especially its price: you can find it at 349 euros on Grosbill.

The 4K less than 600 euros

For those who want to have fun without breaking the bank, we thought with the TV LG 4K UHD 49UF640V. We like it with its 4K IPS panel 49 inches, fineness (Local dimming LED), that it is connected WebOS 2.0 (Netflix, TF1 …) and price. You can find this TV to 599 euros on

TV for gourmands

For those who have more budget, who want to watch the games as if they were there, we have something to offer: the SAMSUNG UE55JU6400, a 55 inch TV equipped with a 4K panel Samsung PSA, connected in Tizen, very fine (Local dimming LED) and controllable from a smartphone, all for 830 euros on Cdiscount. Not bad, right?

You just have to ask you on your couch, turn on your TV and enjoy new.

Since Chromecast or Android TV Box

You are of those who is not encumbered with a box TV, but who turn their TV Chromecast or Android TV Box at full speed? In this case follow the Euro will be a breeze for you. Download the three applications of the three chains that offer to broadcast the competition: TF1, M6 and beIN SPORTS and now, voila!

The radius of the Android TV box include Miami Bbox Bouygues Telecom, which runs Android TV – subscriptions are currently at 14.99 euros a month for a year. power enthusiasts who do not mind spending a few extra euros, guests are turning to shield portable Android TV, charged about 200 euros.

From a smartphone or tablet

You are traveling, at a dinner at your mother-in progress or at work, but you want to be discreet? We have two solutions for you, the smartphone or tablet. Try all the same to connect to a WiFi network, unless you have a generous package in data … Applications that are useful are the following ones





M6 Web



beIN SPORTS France


If one goes to the stadium …

At relentlessly force you managed to get places, you are the lucky who go to the stadium to see one or more matches? But now, you want to keep good memories of the time you are going through, and for that you need a good camera phone! You have the choice between

Huawei P9

The Samsung Galaxy S7

The LG G5

HTC 10

You can find our picture comparison between these four smartphones here.

You also enjoy a 4G connection in all stages of the Euro to share your photos with your friends (or us) during the match and interact on social networks (through hashtags dedicated to meetings), since operators are used to equip stadiums 4G antennas. Now you know everything, good Euro to all!

Read on How operators expect to make Euro 2016 tournament 4G

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