? Sale: LG G4 (black leather) to 317 euros instead of 699 euros

The LG G4, one year old, is on sale for the first day of sales, with third-party vendors of online shops. The opportunity to offer less than 350 euros.

The LG G4 seems to have attracted the graces of resellers, since it is found in many of promotions in during the summer sales. The best price will be located at PriceMinister, one of the sellers (Pro) invoice the device, with a hull in black leather, the price of 325 euros which should subtract 8 euro discount (for the first 3000 applications) through ETE2016 the code. A bargain for this device available for 331 euros in brown.

View LG G4 on PriceMinister

For a few euros more, it’s from Amazon that we can find a G4 promotion, and in several colors. Again, it must go through a third party dealer that offers the black leather version of the G4 to 337 euro (+ € 9.99 postage) or the brown leather to 342 euros.

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