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W ith data can earn good money. If a provider – in this case Telefónica – can call the transaction data of customers accurately and therefore know at what point people to a place where gather, then naturally arouses the interest of many customers in the industry. Thanks “Mobility Insights” white O2, where the customers are – by its own account, although anonymously, but not every user is likely to agree. Therefore, O2 offers the possibility to completely exempt from this data collection and to prevent the records for my mobile number.

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If you do not want in the data pool of Telefónica and have no interest in selling your movement data, simply visit the “self-rule” page of Telefónica. There you enter your phone number and confirm they send your SMS code. Then you get an insight into your current participation status and a way to change this. This option, incidentally, have not only O2 customers, but all brands in this network, including DeutschlandSIM, Aldi Talk and other providers.

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