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Something’s Gotta art Heart: The Amazon devices ranging from eBook reader to the TV Stick.

W ith 150 million items on offer is amazon.de the largest mail order companies in Germany. The division electronics and making photo books behind the second strongest segment. From TVs via smartphones to gaming consoles Amazon offers everything the art-heart desires.

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Here Amazon implements the lion’s share with third-party products that are available through the online retailers for sale. In Amazon assortment you will also own developments and with Strathworth and Pinzon brands that belong to Amazon. The foundation for a number of its machines put Amazon in 2007 with the (primal) Kindle, a handy eBook reader. Several successors later the Amazon device portfolio has grown considerably. Most current models carry the designation “Fire”, ie fire, in the name – perhaps because Amazon wants to make the competition so that fire under the ass?

this website shows that Amazon’s products can currently buy from mail order companies. Their charm: They often offer a convincing price-performance ratio. What you have to take this into account: The connection to Amazon, when it comes to the acquisition of content, so as eBooks.

Amazon’s eBook reader

Amazon recently eBook reader: The Kindle Oasis distinguishes a very long battery life.

Kindle Oasis

The newcomer to the Kindle family is also the most expensive eBook reader from Amazon. 289,90 Euro cost the wireless version of the Kindle Oasis, the version with integrated mobile proposes with a proud 349.90 Euros. In test clears this website whether the relatively high price of the 6-inch device is justified. Only so much in advance: The Kindle Oasis is not the best so far tested eBook reader.

“Kindle Oasis: Order now at Amazon

“Kindle Oasis in Test

Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage costs from 189,99 Euro at amazon.de.

Even when Kindle Voyage Amazon relies on a 6-inch screen (1440×1080 pixels) with Carta-ePaper technology and self-regulating backlight. The weight varies: The wireless version weighs 180 grams, the model with the mobile balance displays 188 grams. Like the Kindle Oasis has the Voyage over 4 gigabytes of storage capacity – enough for thousands eBooks. Digital Books download via the integrated WLAN module.

“Kindle Voyage: Order now at Amazon

“Kindle Voyage in Test

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite there from 119.99 euros at amazon.de.

A major difference between the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage expensive one notices the weight. The Paperwhite is with 205 (wireless version) or 217 grams (model with Wi-Fi and cellular) slightly heavier. Technically, the two eBook readers take virtually nothing: 6-inch display with backlight, 4 gigabytes of storage for numerous eBooks, almost the same resolution (1448×1072 pixels).

“Kindle Paperwhite: Order now at Amazon

“Kindle Paperwhite in Test

Kindle (for Kids Bundle)

changes for 69.99 euros the Amazon Kindle (left) the owner.

Even the cheapest ebook reader from Amazon comes with a 6-inch display. However, it solves “only” with 800×600 pixels on, an integrated lighting missing. Texts see still good, only images appear pixelated. The memory can store 4 gigabytes and can be refueled by WLAN with digital books. Furthermore, Amazon offers a special Kindle version for children (89.99 euros) – with colorful protective sleeve, extra warranty with accident protection and custom software.

»Kindle: Now at Amazon

“Kindle for Kids Bundle: Order now at Amazon

Amazon’s streaming devices

Anyone interested in Amazon’s streaming box “Fire TV”, is charged 99,99 Euro.

Fire TV

Amazon’s streaming box Fire TV connects your TV to the Internet and lets you use media services from different providers. Unlike the Fire TV Stick the Fire TV transmits super sharp resolutions to Ultra HD (3840×2160 pixels). Thanks to the built-in quad-core processor and 2 gigabytes of main memory, the Fire TV is a game console. In addition to the 8 gigabytes of storage devices allows the streaming box free access to your cloud drive storage.

»Fire TV: Order now at Amazon

»Fire TV in Test

Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick you get from 39,99 Euro at amazon.de.

The Fire TV Stick Amazon connects your TV to various media services from the Internet. The stick has a weight of only 25 grams a internal memory of 8 gigabytes for games and apps. They include the Fire TV Stick to a regular HDMI terminal, it transmits so images up to a resolution of 1080p. With the TV remote control is available separately language you control the Fire TV Stick with your voice.

»Fire TV Stick: Order now at Amazon

»Fire TV Stick in Test

Fire TV Game Controller

The Fire TV game controller brings more control into play – for 49.99 euros.

With the “Fire TV game controller” turns your Fire TV streaming box and the Fire TV Stick in a game console. The controller has besides analog sticks and input keys, an integrated microphone, which allows voice control. The controller gives you access to additional games, which can not be gamble without the input device. The term of the AA batteries provided is according to the manufacturer about 90 hours. Price Tip: Who acquires the Fire TV, and the Amazon controller bundle, saving some 10 euros.

»Fire TV Game Controller: Order now at Amazon

»Fire TV Gamers Bundle: Order now at Amazon

Amazon’s tablet PCs

On the right is the Fire HD 10, which is to have at amazon.de for 199.99 euros.

Fire HD 10

The current top model from Amazon’s tablet line offers a 10-inch screen, which is 1280×800 pixels. In some 430 grams heavy casing Amazon built a quad-core processor with 1.5 GHz clock frequency, 1 gigabyte (GB) of memory, optional 16 to 64 GB memory and a WLAN-ac module. Previously there was the Fire HD 10 only with plastic housing, recently is a variant with aluminum cladding available – without charge.

»Fire HD 10: Order now at Amazon

»Fire HD 10 in practice-Check

Fire HD 8

From 164,99 Euro you acquire the Fire HD 8 at amazon.de.

The Fire HD 8 Amazon has an 8-inch touch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Like the 10-inch brother a 1.5 gigahertz nimble quad-core processor is used. The internal storage capacity is depending on version 8 or 16 gigabytes, but is expandable via microSD card to 128 gigabytes. Amazon promises a battery life of up to eight hours.

»Fire HD 8: Order now at Amazon

»Fire HD 8 in Practice Check

Fire HD 6

The online retailer Amazon requires 99.99 euros for the Fire HD. 6

As the product name suggests, is the Fire HD 6 on a 6-inch screen (1280×800 pixels). With its 290 grams weight the smallest Fire tablet is even easier than the normal Fire. Depending on the model are 8 or 16 gigabytes of internal memory available, an extension by microSD card does not work for lack of insertion. A fully charged battery will allow up to eight hours of operation.

»Fire HD 6: Order now at Amazon

»Fire HD 6 in Practice Check

Fire (Kids Edition)

While there is the Fire (left) from 59.99 euros, beats the Kids Edition with 119.99 euros.

8 or 16 gigabytes of data storage, 7-inch display (1024×600 pixels), quad-core processor – these are the key data of the simple Fire of Amazon. It brings 313 grams on the scale. Amazon offers a child-friendly version of the Fire, which is called “Fire Kids Edition” and will cost 119.99 euros. It comes with colorful case, so-called inclusive warranty and free access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for one year. “Fire: Order now at Amazon

“Fire Kids Edition: Order now at Amazon

“Fire in the practice-Check

Amazon Alternatives

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