Palm Pre 2 HP comes

The new hope of HP: the smartphone Palm Pre. 2

Fter speculation about a new smartphone model, it is now official: HP brings the Palm Pre 2 on 22 October 2010 on the French market. For the next few months the introduction in the United States and Canada is planned. The company will also provide existing customers the new operating system in the foreseeable future available. When cell phone and WebOS reach the wider European market is not yet known.

In April 2010, HP took over the ailing group Palm for 1.2 billion dollars. Earlier, the former smartphone pioneer had offered itself for sale. Large investments and the recruitment of ex-Apple manager Jon Rubinstein could not save the company.

The Palm Pre 2 is now the new hopefuls. It is slimmer than its predecessor failed. It is equipped with a combination of multi-touch display and folding keyboard. With simple and intuitive operation HP attaches great importance to the integration of the most popular social networks. So the Palm Pre 2, for example, automatically copies information from Facebook and other portals.

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The simultaneous operation of multiple applications ( “multitasking”) is connected to the smartphone as possible as the view Flash-based content. The presentation mode HP Palm Pre 2 even given a special feature: The function is matched to the loading station of the mobile phone. If you draufstecken the phone automatically launches an application specified by you presentation. So you can be about your appointments show on the screen or a slide show. (Dd)

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