Patent: ECG device for Apple Watch

If an Apple Watch with integrated ECG monitor?

G ust once two days after the first rumors of a planned 2017 Health Tracker Apple now appeared a patent for a portable electrocardiograph on.

Portable electrocardiogram module

The just published by the US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO document describes a portable electrocardiogram machine (ECG), which is placed in rings, brooches, bracelets or watches and so can attach various parts of the body to over different electrode’s heart rate carrier to measure. The module can reportedly detect independently where it is located on the body. This is important because of different measurements depending on the distance to the heart. The user can calibrate by placing your finger and adjust the data analysis according to the device so loud patent.

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Is it in the patent to the Apple Watch?

The patent mentions the Apple Watch does not explicitly. But the use of such a device would be SmartWatch certainly the most sense, which would also fit on the rumors about the planned health gadget for 2017th Whether here is a direct connection, but for now remains speculation.

ECG system of Alivecor

The idea of ​​a portable ECG watch is certainly not new. presented in October 2015, specializing in smart medical instrumentation US companies Alivecor before a prototype ECG bracelet for the Apple Watch. An electrode on the inside of the bracelet measures about Alivecor app of Apple Watch the electrocardiogram (ECG) of the wearer, so heart rate and heart rhythm. The technology developed by the health specialists app analyzes the data then. In March this year, the company presented the final version of its “Kardia” said ECG bracelet.