Patent: Microsoft signs with Samsung, Google launches a spade.

Microsoft and Samsung announced that they have signed an intellectual property agreement allowing the second to use certain technologies filed by the former.

In the aftermath of the Android deployment, Microsoft claimed that some Google partners indirectly builders had violated some of its intellectual property. For Microsoft, Android is not free system but has well and truly hidden costs. Thus in April 2010 Microsoft and HTC signed an agreement to protect the manufacturer against possible attacks to justice for the use of certain technologies claimed by Microsoft. In return HTC has to pay back financial compensation. Specifically, each Android smartphone sold by HTC, Microsoft would pocket $ 5.

The Redmond company now announces it has signed a similar agreement with Korean manufacturer Samsung for smartphones and tablets shipping Android system. On one of Microsoft’s official blogs, Brad Smith and Horacio Gutierrez, general counsel of the firm, explained: “We are aware that some companies and some observers – including the Google executive – have expressed their fears-vis screw patents and their potential impact on Android and software innovation. ” He added: “Well, we say:” look at our announcement today. ” If major industry players such as Samsung and HTC are willing to sign these agreements, are we not on track for the future? “