Pay TV Sky: Bundesliga soon with private TV channels

Thomas Röttgermann from VfL Wolfsburg calls its own Bundesliga TV.

O ffenbar thinks the German Football League (DFL – merger of all Bundesliga clubs) about it to broadcast the league games on their own and to refrain from Sky as a TV platform. In an interview with the newspaper “Handelsblatt” calls the marketing manager of VfL Wolfsburg, Thomas Röttgermann, the league on to work on a corresponding scenario. The clubs are strong enough to provide an autonomous Bundesliga TV on the legs. Control requires that the DFL in the opinion of the manager less than a year – and 400 million euros.

Criticism of Sky also exerts Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, his character CEO of Bayern Munich. “I’m very worried, because it us together – is in 20 years failed, Pay TV really to establish in Germany – League and paid channels,” said the Bayern manager in the “Business Week”. The main culprit he sees in Sky: “They made the mistake of trying to force people to virtually subscriptions, by linking sport with movies,” said Rummenigge.

Sky creates far despite new deals to jump to profitability not. Instead of the hoped (also from the Bundesliga) 80,000 new subscribers per month, it currently takes just about 6,000 degrees. Only with a financial injection of hundreds of millions by media mogul Rupert Murdoch Sky keeps still afloat. (Rs)

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