PayPal: New Phishing wave

PayPal: Hackers disguise themselves with real names.

P aypal users beware: cybercriminals try with new phishing emails to get your credentials for the payment service. The dangerous thing is that the messages contain the correct name and delivery addresses of the addressees. These have probably bought the attackers in underground forums or captured in a hack. The phishing email informs the recipient that he had allegedly made a payment in the amount of 309.85 euros at Globetrotter, this still could withdraw by 17 January 2016th

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SmartScreen tricked

The link to cancel then leads to a phishing site, the criminals want to tap log-in data. Firefox recognizes the page directly as phishing and forwards instead on the real PayPal site on. The Internet Explorer 11 is however very briefly a SmartScreen message, but disappears immediately. Apparently, the attackers have found a way to circumvent the protection mechanism.

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How to protect yourself

If you have already entered your data on the fraud site, you must immediately change your PayPal password. Although PayPal requires at registration of unknown devices after an additional confirmation, while the cheaters should not have their valid credentials. In addition, you should assign a new password on all other pages where you use the same password. To safeguard against such phishing attacks, do not click continue at money matters on links in emails. Call the page from the vendor instead directly in the browser and log in. Anything can be called up via a link, you can usually find in the menu on the website. When in doubt, a call creates the Support Dealers clarity.