PikaOne DupliCASE CD: test and review

The DupliCASE CD is a standalone CD copier that is to say, this recorder can make copies of CDs and audio data without using a PC. This model is not intended for hackers because protected discs as games or some CD audio CD can not be burned. DupliCASE the CD consists of a 40x12x48x burner and a slim CD-ROM that boasts a maximum speed of 24x. The latter is derived straight from technology integration components for laptops. Note that the DupliCASE CD offers the ability to connect to a PC via USB 2.0 and is compatible with USB 1.1 but with significant performance loss for the latter. Plug and play, it is immediately recognized by the host computer except for Windows 98 requires the installation of a driver. This is Nero in version 5.5 that is provided for the treatment of the media.

He most serious formats

From first glance, the DupliCASE CD PikaOne looks like a classic CD player, in much thicker. The device has indeed a dashboard with the four standard buttons allowing listening and navigation in an audio CD. The control panel has at its center an additional switch on “Copy”. The serious copier most disc formats for the moment. Recognition of the media type automatically through an electronic controller. However, a major drawback remains: in general on standalone copier, the writer and the reader is recognized both by the system and assigned a different logical drive letter. Strange as it may seem, this is not the case for this model: only the recorder appears on the desktop. Copying CDs with CD becomes more complex, unless you have a player already present on the system, which is still a shame …

Easy to use, but average performance

In standalone mode, the insertion of two CDs in their respective housing and pressing the “Copy” button that trigger replication. Economic, DupliCASE the CD has a mode “simulation” to test the integrity of the data source support. Simply keep the switch “Copy” supported more than two seconds. It will however be careful not to err media at the launch of the operation. While handling a CD-R triggers the test, it urges erasing a CD-RW.

In direct copy, performance is far from the expected results in terms of the theoretical speed of the recorder and player. 628 MB are transferred from one media source to a blank CD-R 10 min and 26 s, with a real speed of less than 7x. In audio, the trend continues with 56 minutes of music from audio CDs are copied in 10 min 16 s, or an actual speed of 6x close. The difference between the two results is due to the treatment of silences between audio tracks. In reading, it’s a little better since the test with the CD Tach program, credits the writer with a speed of 30x and an average access time of 81ms. The inability to access the mode drive connected we banned the test.

Some flaws remain

Despite its qualities and beyond its average performance, DupliCASE remains afflicted with some teething problems: the robustness, especially that of the engraver of the cover is poor. The handling of the trap concerned. Same with the introduction of the mini jack plug that can connect headphones or other sound output (amplified speakers or amp). The user constantly feels the uncomfortable feeling that he will break something. Furthermore, do not expect to use the additional DupliCASE as platinum CD. Indeed, the embedded player does not authorize the return of an audio CD. It is the burner that should fulfill this task. Unfortunately, the fan which limits heat build of the device is so loud that it prohibits a listen good. Note, however, that its trigger is random and that its operation remains short.

Finally, the writer read head is (too) easily accessible outside of the engraving. True, the user optimistic argue that cleaning will be facilitated. However, this supposed quality also allows careless handling could damage the precious component. This is probably to avoid this inconvenience that designers have locked the cover of the unit. This only opens once the DupliCASE supplied CD. Similarly, each inserting a CD causes automatic locking of the door.


CD DupliCASE appears as an almost cubic parallelepiped. Its black color will blend into any decor, in a professional place like home. Discreet, he swears not near the stereo or DVD player, no more than on a desktop. Thanks to its reduced dimensions 13.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 cm – and a weight of 800g, the PikaOne easily transported even in a bag or briefcase. Power is supplied by an external transformer that, even if it has remained small, strike a tad portability of the object. Therefore, we would have appreciated a secondary battery power or batteries to fully empower the device and thus allow copying files from CD to the hard drive of a laptop or the possibility to enjoy the audio part as a player.