Places MB E75: 7.5 tonne electric truck

The locations E 75 based on a standard Mercedes Benz Artego. Instead of a diesel engine, it has an electric motor.

V on the Mosel are not only the world-famous vineyards, but also market products such as the locations E 75. The underlying specializing in automotive company locations from Bernkastel-Kues. The first upgraded to all-electric drive electric truck with a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes was created in a collaboration between the two medium-sized companies EFAS GmbH electric vehicles-Stuttgart and the vehicle manufacturer places.

Emission and noise-free supply

The E 75 with Lightweight suitcases and liftgate has despite electric drive over 30 percent more payload than its diesel-powered brother. “Our locations E 75 is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, but particularly for the urban areas,” said Robert locations, who runs the company. With a range of around 100 kilometers, the work areas of E-trucks remain limited.

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