Playstation VR: a package all inclusive for 500 euros

While preorders PlayStation VR helmet started this week, Sony unveiled a bundle includes everything needed to play, to 500 euros.

The week of PlayStation VR ends with the retail bundle that Sony intends to propose very soon around his virtual reality helmet. The pack in question contains the PSVR all his connections, stereo headset and the demo disc, a PlayStation Camera, two PS Move, and the compilation PlayStation Worlds which includes 5 virtual reality games to start his experience on the right foot: The London Heist, Into the Deep, VR Luge, Danger Ball and Scavenger’s Odyssey.

The advertised price is 499.99 dollars, which can easily convert to 499.99 euros if we follow the logic of that of PSVR sold without accessories. 500 euros the pack, therefore, the proposal appears to be a bargain, since all purchased separately, the entire amount to about 570 euros. And that is not counting on the PlayStation Worlds compilation, which is unlikely to be provided with the helmet alone, and should therefore purchased separately for several dozen additional EUR.

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Conclusion: unless already have the PS Move and PS Camera at home, better opt for this bundle, available for pre-order from 22 March. Sony made a new snub to the competition with this interesting proposal. Recall that the PlayStation VR will be sold in the month of October.