Pogoplug is invited in the race for online storage

The Pogoplug company unveiled a new Internet storage offering called Pogoplug Cloud with automatic synchronization of files on 5 GB of disk space.

Best known for marketing its devices allowing users to easily create small private servers connected to their internet package, the Pogoplug company presents a new strategy with the ability to unlock free 5 GB of disk space on its servers. Having just entered an email address and a password, the user will access directly to a web interface and will trigger the download of a file browser to manage documents and media synchronization of the machine to the Pogoplug Cloud Servers .

Suffice it to drag and drop a file from the file browser to the Pogoplug to perform a backup. Note also that like SugarSync, it is possible to select automatic synchronization of a record of his machine. Each new document placed inside of the latter will then automatically replicated on servers and accessible from the Pogoplug Web interface to their account. Besides the ability to manage documents and media from mobile applications for iPhone and Android, Pogoplug Cloud provides sharing capabilities. It is possible to generate a public link to access any of its files or set a record for collaborative work.

If the interface seems rather successful, the proposed subscriptions for more storage on Cloud Pogoplug remain quite high. The company plans to set up an offer to 9.95 dollars per month for 50GB disk space and 100GB for $ 19.95.