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About the website of the “Pokémon GO” -Herstellers Niantic can delete your account.

Why should one actually undo his “Pokémon GO” account? This makes no sense, do you think? Maybe already. If you have not suit you or you missed the beginning Pikachu example your starter Pokémon, then the reboot is desirable. However, the “Pokémon GO” approach can not be reset. But do not panic! Just delete your account and then set a new one.

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Pokémon GO: To delete your account

Before you delete your “Pokémon GO” account, you should keep strictly in mind: The process removes your previously achieved game progress completely – the data can not be transferred to your new account. And the player name previously selected Do not use them again! If you do not mind these limitations, then visit the manufacturer Niantic webpage and select the text box “contact us” at. Now enter your login information and press on “Submit” – done!

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