Politicians LAN: Coutner-Strike in the Bundestag games

The FDP MEP Manuel Höferlin (image) organized the LAN party in the Bundestag together with Jimmy Schulz (FDP) and Dorothee Bär (CSU).

S treng admonishes the software: “Be careful, you have dirt on the tire!” The FDP politician Manuel Höferlin justifies itself: “He has pushed me,” In the end, however, he is satisfied: “We have tried many games and are about to call come. “About 50 members of the Bundestag accepted the invitation to the first politician-LAN in the Reichstag building in Berlin. Together with Jimmy Schulz (FDP) and Dorothee Bär (CSU) wanted Höferlin so contribute to “an objective, unprejudiced debate on an issue that affects children and young people in their immediate living environment.”

Many passionate gamers feel stigmatized by politicians and the media. After a bloodbath like the Winnenden school shooting in March 2009 will always be asked if the offender has ever played a first person shooter – this type of PC games conveys a realistic perspective, even to walk through corridors and rooms, drawing on virtual opponents to shoot.

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How to do this show professional players like Fabian Riegsinger, the (ESL) fights for online shooter “Counter-Strike” in the Electronic Sports League for glory and cash prizes, the deputies. The LAN party in the Bundestag found the 21-year-old student from Friedberg in Hesse very well: “We have as a player otherwise have no opportunity to show the politicians that they should reconsider their opinion.”

However remained hardliners as the delegate Hans-Peter Uhl (CSU) of the event on Wednesday night away. The chairman of the working group domestic policy of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group called for “appropriate measures to protect minors” after the Winnenden school shooting. Because there have again demonstrated “that the perpetrators intensively before his act with so-called killer games” have as “Counter-Strike” busy.

That makes however Sebastian Blumenthal (FDP): “I play like private person shooter like Counter-Strike ‘,” the politician said in an interview with the news agency dpa. “Entice these games to violence? I do not think so. “The causes of violence are to be sought rather in a bunch of social problems. On the politician-LAN Blumenthal was particularly interested in so-called serious games as a title with therapeutic claim of support for children with attention deficit disorder.

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In hardly any other country computer games are as controversial as in Germany, complained during the event the Managing Director of the Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU), Olaf Wolters. “Prejudice based on ignorance and lack of experience. This is where the praiseworthy initiative of deputies to “How to other LAN parties are companies in the industry also present on the politicians-LAN -. Computer games are a billion dollar business. Höferlin stressed however opposite the dpa: “We do not make lobbyists.” The general aim was to enable colleagues experiencing the Games. “It is time to have seen at close quarters.”

Well, there have since politicians who already could take a little help in the family as the former Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries (SPD): “. With my nephew I’ve played, settlers’, I like that” A good figure made them when virtual tennis at the games console. Only the car race, the Social Democrat had problems: “As has become really bad. I do not have to do it again. “(Dpa / dj)

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