PornHub: Top-terms at the Super Bowl

Touchdown: The Super Bowl apparently stimulated the imagination of the audience. The Porn Portal PornHub now published interesting statistics.

P ornHubs PR department strikes again: Once again presents the porn site on his side PornHub Insights amusing statistics, this time around the final of the North American Football League, the Super Bowl. First of all: During transmission, the user numbers plummeted more than 30 percent, after the game they went promptly to 12 percent of the normal daily average. But what terms people are looking for, apart from “Super Bowl”?

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From BeyoncĂ© to … Ben Affleck ??

Interestingly, the term “Ben Affleck” is behind “Super Bowl” the most wanted in this environment. But why the US actor? One possible reason is his appearance in a television commercial during the Super Bowl for the Turkish Airlines, which made some wuschig apparently the ladies. Make a lasting impression in the men again left the sexy appearance of BeyoncĂ©, her name is performed in terms of popularity far above – the world of men hoped to be like to find a lost sex tape of her. Although Lady Gaga’s performance was relatively modest as a singer of the US national anthem, even her name is on the wish list. Other criteria in the football environment as “Cheerleader” and “Locker Room” (dressing room) also recorded an above-average interest. Here the top terms in PornHub

This elegant bar graph by PornHub Insights shows the top search terms after the Super Bowl. The percentages show the increase over the previous week.