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Back at the research center of Aperture. Experience the first few minutes in the whimsical world of “Portal 2”.

Portal 2: How to play the prologue

T here are games that are true critic darlings. They evacuate dozens top ratings and awards from the part of the trade press. They celebrate as Game of the Year. For sale they still turn out to be a non-starter. Examples of legendary shelf warmers are the action game “Shenmue” and the creep-Plink “Dark Project – The master thief”. Electronic Arts in this country has just released a title, could threaten the same fate: “Portal 2”. The impression is obtained in any case, when visiting the website Metacritc.com. The listing collects and publishes test scores of the trade press and makes it a rating cut. In the case of the PC version of “Portal 2” results in an average score of 95 percent (as at 21 April 2011). A perfect score of which have reached a few games earlier. If the sales success already preprogrammed so? No. Because Metacritic.com still represents a second average rating. This results from the 1,055 reviews that site users have set. The result: a meager 77 per cent (as at 21 April 2011). They criticized in particular the short playing time of the game of skill. The selling price of about 45 euro is therefore not justified, according to many users.

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Released “Portal 2”: April 21, 2011 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. (ul)