Practice Test: Aldi Notebook Medion Akoya P8614 (MD 98470)

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The Akoya P8614 Aldi Nord brings a XL-notebook in the stores. Whether the emphasis is the ideal PC replacement, see the video.

Aldi Notebook Medion Akoya P8614 (MD 98470)

Speed: Medion Akoya P8614 (MD 98470)

I m Akoya P8614 (alternative name: MD 98 470) operates a Core i3 processor with new dual-core technology (two cores each with 2.27 GHz clock frequency) from Intel – the operating speed is good. Special feature: A graphics chip is in the processor. The discrete graphics card tinkers only when required – and that saves energy. For PC games, the discrete graphics unit Mobility Radeon HD 565V calculated on average DirectX 9 games 62 in DirectX 10 games 48 fps – DirectX 11 does not support the ATI graphics card. For a notebook are the good values. Memory hungry programs run fast, thanks to four gigabytes of RAM.

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Aldi Notebook Medion Akoya P8614 (MD 98470)

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Picture and sound quality: Mattes 18.4-inch display, great speakers

The display has a diagonal of 18.4 inches (47 centimeters) in 16: 9 widescreen format – so it is ideal for watching movies. The maximum resolution is 1680×945 pixels. Unlike most notebooks, the surface is non-reflective, so that no reflections occur in a bright environment. To connect an external monitor or TV, the notebook has an analog VGA and digital HDMI video output.

Features: Express Card TV card and remote control

As a TV card for DVB-T, remote control and antenna included in the delivery, good for the notebook as a TV. With effective approximately 596 gigabytes (gross: 640 gigabyte) hard disk has enough space, although other models of this type have become more often. The burner reads and writes all CD and DVD varieties – even the rare DVD-RAM Media, Blu-ray media, but it does not support.

The touch pad detects the simultaneous movement of two fingers. To zoom in or out the screen content by moving apart the thumb and forefinger. More precisely, you use the notebook with the scope of delivery notebook USB mouse.

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Medion Akoya P8614: volume and battery life

In normal operation, the Akoya notebook is very quiet. At full load, low fan noise is heard. In battery mode the machine stops by while working two hours and 24 Minutes, when playing a DVD two hours and 22 minutes. These are average maturities, for the corresponding device class are the values ​​but good.

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Conclusion: Medion Akoya P8614 (MD 98470)

The Medion notebook is well equipped, works quickly and, thanks TV tuner and remote control also go for plenty of entertainment. For mobile use, the large notebook is inappropriate – as PC replacement but a good choice. The unit cost in November 2010 or 799 Euro, now it costs 749 euros – a very favorable Aldi deal.


Good work and games speed

antiglare screen

TV card and remote control

Comprehensive software package


High weight

No Blu-ray drive

Test score of editors


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