Practice Test: Jiake N9200 tried

The Jiake N9200 surprised when you first turn with its bright display. Does the super cheap smartphone also the whole package? this website has tried the device.

Test Conclusion: What to know

The Jiake N9200 impresses primarily with its low price: The smartphone costs just 55 Euro (until 31 March 2016). For so little money but you should also not expect miracles: The Android version is old, the processor slow camera performance mies and space scarce. Who really needs only a smartphone to call and send messages, can enjoy the dual SIM feature, the removable battery pack and the bright display – even if the latter is not always responsive to inputs. All other access rather something deeper pockets.


Bright and handsome display, …

Dual SIM

changeable battery

Pretty UI

Contra … that reacts badly

Old Android

lame processor

tiny space

Poor camera performance

Assessment of the editors


A t first glance, the N9200 Jiake like a cheap copy of the Samsung Galaxy S6. It costs 55 euros only about one-eighth of the model. With its 5.5-inch display (13.97 centimeters) makes it purely of its dimensions but rather in the league of the Galaxy S7 Edge – even if it is significantly larger and heavier. Front and back of the smartphone are made of plastic. A wide metal frame separated mutually from each other. The front is designed quite basic, the frame around the display has got quite big. Below the screen sit the home button and two printed sensor keys. The dark blue back feels cheaper to than it looks, but is nevertheless somewhat slippery. Under the removable back of the unit, compartments for a large SIM and a Micro-SIM card (dual SIM function) as well as a microSD card hide. The battery is disposable. Overall, the processing makes a robust impression. The case edges on the front are a little sharp, refrain is the Jiake N9200 good in the hand.

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55 euros are for a smartphone actually too low – what you get for the price? The test of Jiake N9200 reveals it.

Jiake N9200: How much smartphone is available for 55 euros?

Light, responsive lame display

The display of Jiake N9200 measures 5.5 inches. For the size of the resolution of 960×540 pixels is very coarse, also the screen sits pretty far below the glass and the colors look a little bland. But still: For the price, the display makes a good impression. Sharpness and contrast are okay, the viewing angle is large and reflections are hardly noticeable. With its high brightness smartphone plugged even as many other entry-level phone in the pocket. But appearance is not everything: The display responds poorly to typing and wiping movements, so many entries dissolve into thin air. On the homescreen also you have to go back very far with your thumb to scroll to the next page.

Practice Test: Jiake N9200

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Send surface old Android

The Jiake N9200 runs with Android in the outdated version 4.4.2 KitKat. Since the first start of the smartphone no setup wizard appears, the annoying manually configure wireless connection, Google Play Store account & Co. is inevitable. In the old version of Android Jiake puts a pretty user interface with nice features such as a timeline with last geknipsten photos. Compounds manufactures the smartphone via WLAN older n standard on the 2.4-GHz band and Bluetooth 4.0. On the fast data connection LTE and NFC, you have to give the N9200. The battery is gratifying great for an entry-level unit with its capacity of 2,800 mAh. Also good: In addition to a pair of in-ear headphones smartphone is a mobile phone case made of transparent silicone.

The Android version on the Jiake N9200 is old, but the user interface very nicely.

Processing power of the Stone Age

In Jiake N9200 is the processor MT6572 Mediatek, whose two cores should provide with a clock speed of up to 1.2 GHz that steam enters the boiler. The graphic unit Mali-400 MP and 1 gigabyte of RAM to support the processor while – what does not succeed. The operating speed is very slow, partly you have the windows of applications at the leisurely opening and closing watch before it can continue. Also in various benchmark reviews unconvinced performance: In Geekbench 3 and GFXBench the test score is far behind that of the first Motorola Moto G. The benchmark app AnTuTu rightly observes that the smartphone is not for more complex applications and 3D games suitable. Somewhat more sophisticated 2D games like “Rayman Adventures” run partially only in slow motion and with strong jerks.

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A little bit of space

Those who like to use the phone as a portable music player, will be disappointed by Jiake N9200: Lean 4 Gigabyte provides the internal memory. Excluding the pre-installed applications and the operating system remains of just over 1 Gigabyte left – today’s standards almost nothing. After all, can the memory with a microSD card expand up to 32 gigabytes. But apps can only be installed in the puny internal memory. Those looking for a low-priced smartphone for WhatsApp, must delete conversation histories regularly and disable the automatic backup.

Good news: The Jiake N9200 has a removable battery and one each SIM and a Micro-SIM card tray for a dual SIM function.

The face in the raspberry shower

Snapshots with the 5-megapixel rear camera look so muddy that it is more like a watercolor same as a photo. Outdoor shots are blurred with obvious noise on. Colors, however, are undifferentiated and distorted. In addition, photos look overexposed quickly and the really bright blue sky in a white cloud cover transformed. taking indoor shots for color images and brightness a better impression, blur and noise gets the camera but also in confined areas not under control. The front camera has 2 megapixels and shoots blurred and noisy images, which are also so reddish when the photographer had snapped through a jar of raspberry shower. For video recording, lens movement is not cope and takes completely unusable Movies. For photos, also from the photo-comparison device Samsung Galaxy S7, see the article to download.

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