Preview: Google Calendar (beta): test and review

Yet signed a new Google service in beta! And as the name suggests, Google Calendar allows you to organize his schedule. The whole is to open an account on the mail house, Gmail, to use this service.

First positive point: the clear, uncluttered interface. Practice, the Quick Add function quickly inserts an appointment in the schedule. Just enter a few words to express well the day and date in English, “Laurence Birthday 9 pm tomorrow,” for example. Moreover, the events appear in the header and body of Gmail mails are automatically identified and marked (color coded for easy operations). Google Calendar imports a calendar from Outlook or any other application provided it is in CSV format, it also works with Apple Ical calendar.

The relatively uncluttered interface of Google Calendar (beta) allows you to quickly add an event or view multiple calendars on the same screen.

Some friends or anyone on the Internet can view your calendar, it’s up to you. Imagine your sports club or an association you belong uses a compatible calendar service, then you may instantly add to your schedule of programmed events and thus, do not miss them. And to search for public calendars, nothing more simple. Type a few keywords in the field “Search public calendars” and voila! You can also export your schedule as an RSS feed, so consult your appointments from another compatible software such as Firefox.

As with Outlook, Google Calendar allows you to send invitations for meetings by email. Calendar reminds you of an appointment to come through pop-up windows or email. SMS reminders are only possible in the United States. And if you do not remember the date of an event, simply do a search in the agenda.