Preview: Mozilla Thunderbird: test and review

It is not easy to find a free mail client comparable to any points on the new Mozilla Thunderbird version 1.0.

After the Firefox browser, the Mozilla Foundation provides Thunderbird (T-bird), an email client whose source code is also free. As easy to use Outlook Express to Microsoft, it is much more powerful, it is also higher than the surprising Eudora 6.0 and weighing Outlook 2003.

More. Well designed, easy to use, free and ready to download (no ads) – what can we expect more than a mail client? In fact, T-bird available for Windows Mac, Linux or Solaris, provides further filtering of spam, an RSS reader and clever search tools to save the results to a folder, and subsequently restart the search. Not to mention the possibility of using a color code for messages, which facilitates sorting.

And surprisingly, T-bird offers all these benefits without compensation “painful”. Upon installation, it automatically is indeed important email accounts settings and the corresponding addresses as Outlook, as Outlook Express, Eudora or Netscape Mail. In addition, it transfers the unopened mail still present in the old inbox.

Very intuitive, its interface is a hybrid of Firefox and Outlook Express. However, unlike software such as Outlook, T-bird has neither contact manager or calendar but it is neater and faster.

Outlook Express? Firefox? No ! This is Thunderbird 1.0, easy, powerful software that reads mail, blogs and forums.

Less. T-Bird is of course not perfect. For example, it does not display the date of the messages sent in the last 24 hours – weakness to which it is however easily remedied by editing the preferences file. Moreover, during a test, T-bird has not only virtually all side spam received but also a significant number of messages quite acceptable (reintroduced into the inbox is done manually alas). We must therefore educate the spam filter to make it fully operational. On the other hand, the new RSS reader has been hard to find and rather spartan, newcomers may be lost! Finally, if you have problems, you rely on for support, FAQs, user forums and community.

Verdict. It is not easy to find a free mail client similar to Thunderbird. And it is all the more attractive as support for future versions of Microsoft Outlook Express is uncertain.