Preview: Symantec Norton SystemWorks 2.0 for Mac: test and review

SystemWorks includes a tool for virtually any incident that might occur on your Mac. Disk Doctor detects and corrects problems related to hard disk. Norton AntiVirus monitors the appearance of thousands of viruses and trojans, it is also much faster and easier to use than the version of Virex à.Mac included in the subscription, Apple. In addition, the planner included in AntiVirus allows you to automatically scan for viruses, which option is sadly lacking in Virex. Norton FileSaver watch on your documents so that you can recover in case of crash. For its part, saves the UnErase you if you threw in the trash a document you should have backed up. Norton provides even much of your investigative work. Its LiveUpdate ensures that your tools are compatible with the latest upgrades of the operating system, while Norton Scheduler ensures that utilities are executed according to the frequency you choose (daily, weekly or monthly).

SystemWorks also includes some third-party utilities very practical, DiskWarrior which Recover Edition, lighter version of DiskWarrior that lets you recover files in case of disk crash. For its part, Retrospect Express Backup ensures that you never forget to backup your data, for Spring Cleaning, it saves disk space by deleting unnecessary files. No other package for Mac offers such a complete set of tools.

Honorable performances

In our tests, Norton SystemWorks was successful. However, his repair skills require some corrections. Analyses of Disk Doctor and AntiVirus were quick and generated reports easier to understand. Disk Doctor has found two major problems with our test system, which had escaped Drive 10.0, more limited disk diagnostic tool: a file had a “physical length data” incorrect and one had a “number of incorrect items” . Unfortunately, Disk Doctor has been able to correct any of these problems, even when we run the Boot Disk program.

Disk Doctor also mentioned several times, unable to repair, files with incorrect modification dates. Even when we run twice Disk Doctor in a row, he noted the same mistakes in the same files, but could not fix the problem. This problem is common on systems that previously operated OS X 10.1.5 and corrections Disk Doctor were not registered. In fact, Disk Doctor performs several tests and allows you to select only certain groups or all of the latter parameter is the default value

SystemWorks suffers from an extremely complicated installation process. Since it includes additional utilities that are not created by Symantec, such as DiskWarrior Recovery Edition and Aladdin Spring Cleaning, you need to perform multiple installations to have all the tools. Once the product is installed, the interfaces of various utilities to reveal user-friendly. When you launch the main application of Norton SystemWorks, you get a window listing the main tools such as Disk Doctor, UnErase SpeedDisk or (the other utilities are included in the Applications folder.) However, this window will close once you have made your choice. We must therefore re-open the Chooser window to launch another tool.