Privacy: Microsoft profits again setbacks Google

Recent media uproars around the advertising practices of Google are Microsoft happiness took the opportunity to promote … Internet Explorer 9.

We learned this morning that Google and other advertising companies, had bypassed the browser’s privacy settings Safari on Mac OS X and iOS. It has been revealed that Google changed its advertisements to be able to place a cookie on these machines in order to return the most targeted advertising.

On one of its official blogs, Microsoft was quick to take the matter to his account by pointing the practices of Google. “Privacy is again a topical theme today,” said Ryan Gavin, general manager of Internet Explorer Business and Marketing department. Returning to the details of the case, Microsoft adds, “this type of tracking by Google is not new.”

Earlier this month the editor of Redmond had also surfed the concerns around the new privacy policy presented by Google. Microsoft then proposed to try its competitors product family of Windows Live. This time the company took the opportunity to promote Internet Explorer 9. “Internet Explorer is the browser that respects your privacy”, is it well said. Mr. Gavin talks about the protection features built into IE9 and concludes: “You have control over those who trace on Internet. No Google. No advertisers. Only you, “he says.

Remains a small detail: Microsoft does not explain how users of iOS or Mac OS will be able to install the browser on their machines …

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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