Pure Farming 17: Even more farmers in power? games

With “Dying Light” Techland showed his penchant for zombies. Now makes the Polish studio “Pure Farming” the “Farming Simulator” competition.

G permits the viewer to fully bite ingen promises, he is inclined to say, “YES!” Because Techland will bring the entire agricultural experience as it comes precisely right that one of the developers themselves is Farmer. And promises a plump farm adventure in Montana, USA. Fields plow, cultivate orchards, keep equipment in good shape, maintain livestock and everything. Larger farm, build new buildings and even expand to Italy, Japan and Colombia.

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These terminate the makers of three modes: free spirits go to the sandbox and do what they want. Quite in quad-op. In Scenario mode it is necessary to meet unusual requests – for example, a school with milk to supply, although no cows in the barn. Or despite crop damage deliver potatoes. 20 scenarios, each with an hour of play, there will be. And in the campaign mode of Nichtnutz inherits just a farm, learning the business from the bottom up until it grows coffee in Colombia, in Italy tomatoes and Japan cherry trees. Who is not overburdened with agricultural economics, auto repair shop and modern economy, which dedicates itself also to environmental protection and renewable energy. Now there is all but already? Where does Developers Ice Flames or just Techland there is still room for more fields? “We offer the whole package, we want to be close to our community and are convinced that there is still space,” says Producer Matt Binkowski. And points to more than 70 original licenses of vehicles of Zetor on DAF to Mitsubishi. It also includes Modding not concrete plans At present there were not yet. but also well-console versions are in sight.

“Pure Farming 17” simulates the Farmer-life in Montana, Italy, Japan and Colombia.

Forecast: Pure Farming 17 – The Simulator

Competitors of the top dogs “Farming Simulator” there are so few. The name Techland should suggest that something serious here ├╝bern Acker (and the Atlantic) rolls. The presentation looked ever good. Whether it is enough for a second large landowners only time will tell, “Pure Farming 17” comes – oh – 2017th

Pure Farming 17 – The Simulator

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