Railway & Co .: Rude customer service

Who needs to talk to the web, the insurance company or an office, often expect no friendly conversation more.

W he walks like to to the office, on the phone with the insurance or meet with the bank manager? Such events probably make the fewest people fun. feel of companies which industry most people treated badly, shows the this website graphics of the week in cooperation with Statista.

Insurance and offices particularly unfriendly

Almost every second rated public offices and insurance companies as unpleasant for the customer. This emerges from a representative Emnid survey commissioned by the insurance startups Friendsurance. Surprising: The web-rated only 30 percent as a particularly rude, it lands in the survey on the rear, so best place. Rank three of Unfreundlichkeitsliste prove telecommunications companies. Even banks and financial institutions as well as doctors and hospitals are among the top 5 of the most unfriendly industries.

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