Rainbow Six wins: hard against hackers games

Who cheats in “Rainbow Sox victory”, is flying mercilessly loud Ubisoft from the game.

S Pieler that ergaunern by illegal aid benefits in online games, are a nuisance not only for fair gamblers. The operators of the games have had enough of the so-called cheaters powerful full. After all, can affect the success of a game lasting a of fudging accommodated out of balance online experience. This is what happens for months Ubisoft Plink “Rainbow Six Siege”. The will of the publisher to change now and announces a new, hard-hitting approach against hackers and cheaters on.

“Rainbow Six victories in Test: The Wall!

Accordingly, the group wants to exclude cheaters immediately at the first offense and permanently without exception from the game. Ubisoft indicates that you accept the presence of cheaters in the game very seriously and this is just one of many upcoming action that you will take in the near future, in order to counter the unfair behavior of some gamers. So you want to incorporate additional anti-cheat options into play, on which can be Falschgamesr better rule. Details will follow in the near future.

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