ReachNow: BMW launches new CarSharing

ReachNow: BMW starts “Carsharing 2.0” in the US.

W hen we Carsharing has been common practice. Pioneers are here mainly Car2Go (Daimler) and DriveNow (BMW). While Car2Go is also available in many cities in the US, DriveNow did used to be difficult – and ultimately the end of 2015 had to close its only US location in San Francisco. Now the carsharing program of BMW reported under the name ReachNow back with services that may promise an exciting future for Germany.

ReachNow: basic service as DriveNow

Recently launched ReachNow at its first US location: Seattle. The basic offer is strongly reminiscent of conventional car-sharing models. That is: In total ReachNow Business District rental customers by app a car (Mini, BMW i3 and BMW 328i) to driving, as long as they like, and park it at any legal parking within the permitted area. ReachNow settles per usage minutes. $ 0.49 (0.43 euros) are on a per-minute drive and $ 0.30 (0.26 euros) per minute Park. To introduce phase ReachNow charged $ 0.41 (0.36 euros) per driving minute and adopt the one-time registration fee of $ 29 (25 euros). The complete registration does not require a transition to Sixt or BMW switch more, but takes place entirely in the ReachNow app. At this stage, you still need a US drivers license to participate in the program.

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ReachNow: Auto-delivery and more

But ReachNow has much more before: If the customer normally to the car, it can be delivered to him also at the right time! ReachNow wants to offer a middle ground between Carsharing and car hire and the car also rent by the day. Home communities or companies can reserve ReachNow cars soon, so that they are only a closed group of users are available and can be parked on private property. If you’re on vacation, you should lend his car to ReachNow and can be added to earn something. Moreover there should be the possibility to appoint a ReachNow-car including driver. This BMW would keep his promise and usher in the attack on Uber & Co.. Since it is already clear that the chauffeur service to come to Europe, are likely to further ReachNow services be bookable soon by DriveNow.