Record profit: Apple earned six billion dollars

Apple’s financial results are out of this world.

“We had a phenomenal holiday season with record sales for Mac, iPhone and iPad,” Steve Jobs said in a statement. Sales shot up by 71 percent up to 26.7 billion US dollars. Thus Apple surpassed even the wildest expectations of analysts. The stock rose after trading at just under one percent.

The news that Jobs because of health problems fails indefinitely, had led earlier this week to exchange rate losses. The 55-year-old is like no other for the company’s success. He is considered the spiritual father of the successful products and Apple has thus built up from a niche supplier of computers for most valuable technology company in the world.

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Jobs announces new products

“We are running at full steam,” Jobs said, “and we have this year some exciting things in store.” Speculation is among other things a new version of the tablet computer iPad, which sold 7.3 million times in the past quarter. From iPhone Apple got rid of 16.2 million pieces, almost twice as many as in the same period last year. The sold Mac computers totaled 4.1 million, an increase of 23 percent. Only when the iPod music players, sales dropped by seven percent to 19.5 million. (Dpa / rs)

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