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Lousy detection rates, unreasonable use, expired license: reasons for the antivirus program change, there are some.

T daily intervals created numerous new malicious programs: partly laboriously reprogrammed often generic – malicious code is created automatically via modular principle in countless variations. The technique of this malicious software hackers refine responsible steadily. Reason enough to always use an updated antivirus program that holds as step! Trust your current guardian does not, the switch is recommended on a competing product. Before you upload it, uninstall the old program! Reasons: Several antivirus tools with background guard are not compatible, slow down the PC, causing problems such as crashes. Even a mutual identification as malware is possible.

Since antivirus programs do not always disappear completely when uninstalling, there are removal tools: The set either instead of the normal range-routine or to use a selbiger. In the download section you will find removal tools of the major manufacturers: Get the one that matches the loszuwerdenden program. These removal tools support pure antivirus systems as well as security suites that bring next one antivirus a firewall module.

Removal tools for safety programs

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The removal of security software offers itself especially in complete PCs and notebooks: The pre-installed trial versions usually only 30 days. These programs sweep away about McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool or Norton Removal Tool. Universal solutions are AppRemover and Eset AV Remover – they wipe applications of different products, including Avira, Avast, AVG, G-Data, F-Secure and Panda.

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Normal uninstall is not enough

Usually you get rid of a program by pressing Windows-R, typing appwiz.cpl, and click the appropriate software entry twice after clicking OK. You can reach the corresponding software management window alternatively via Control Panel (on the program option to uninstall). Downside: It almost always remain residues when removing security software. These include files as well as entries in the registration database. Why manufacturers continued protection products program their uninstallation routines so sloppy that content when removing still exist remains a mystery. Until the providers do not install their removal tools for completely eliminating the controllable via appwiz.cpl window erasing files, you have to rely on downloading the above listed removal tools. prevent the latter, that there are difficulties in installing new program. Often setup programs detect the presence of competing applications, the import could abort including an error message.

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Ideally, do the following: Installation file of the new antivirus tools to keep (if not bought CD, then download), the appropriate Removal Tool old program get, disconnect from the Internet. For the latter, the pulling out of the LAN cable offers or pressing a special button on the wireless notebook. Once no web connection is, remove the old protection application. First, go the conventional way with the Windows tool. Then, insert removal tool on leftovers. Discovered it ballast, sweep him away! If you like, instead engages directly to the removal tool. In Kaspersky falls to remedy by removal tool at the entry of a Captcha security code: It prevents inadvertent system interventions. Who wants to go finally on the safe side and scans the Windows registry with CCleaner. Select Registry> Check for errors and correct errors. This eliminates last remnants in the form of setup database entries.

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Create backup – no harm

The switch to a new PC protection program changed Windows wide, after all, a number of tools to dig deep into the operating system. Although usually not bad happens, booting issue occur because the procedure at best rare. Nevertheless, the motto is: First, create a backup on! If there are difficulties, you do not experience any loss of important documents or photos with a backup in the hindquarters. Optionally, you duplicate your complete Windows installation, including the stored on the system partition users files. Or refer explicitly only the latter in the fuse with a.

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