Report: Amazon expanded Prime Music

Amazon could miss its streaming service Prime Music later this year a major update.

A mazon customers with prime status come more or less involuntarily enjoy the hotel’s own streaming service Prime Music. But the selection of titles with Prime Music is severely limited compared to Spotify and Apple Music. According to insiders, Amazon wants to introduce a new offer in the US in the fall, that may very well compete against Apple and Spotify. The streaming service is supposed also to the $ 10 cost per month. A Prime membership is not necessary. The news agency reported Reuters, which in turn is based on two insider.

Prime Music still has too little music

Currently negotiating Amazon nor the agreements with the relevant music producers, and then offer customers an extensive music portfolio. Because in this website test the virtual disk shelves at the current Prime Music were comparatively empty. 70 this music titles and albums, the testers found just 26 (37.14 percent). According to a comparison of the New York Times have Spotify and Apple Music circa 30 million songs from the world. In Prime Music is just a little over one million.

Amazon Prime Music

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