Sales of connected thermostats will explode

$ 2.5 billion of revenue generated by the sale of connected thermostats, this is what provides the American research firm Frost & Sullivan 2020.

The connected thermostat of Nantais of Qivivo

Frost & Sullivan provides growth estimates for enterprises by types of products. The firm based in Mountain View, close to Google who owns the brand Nest, said that currently the market of connected thermostats reached 150 million. A number expected to be amplified by the adoption of these solutions by large groups of energy suppliers to add to their sales formulas. The challenge of reducing costs related to energy expenditure and the preservation of the environment being watermarked, many energy players should be interested in the vein.

It was in France that the most significant growth is expected, according to Frost & Sullivan, while the UK, Holland and Germany are expected to distribute the rest of the cake for the European market.

Dhivya Sundara Manohar, Analyst in the Energy Sector and Environmental Frost & Sullivan, said: “Consumers are increasingly savvy and recognize the comfort of use and friendly user experience of smart thermostats this blew demand in Europe. In addition, the market is not restricted by government regulations. ”

The French market should be particularly impacted the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Segolene Royal, has announced an increase in electricity tariffs coming from about 2.5% . This increase will be effective on August 1 in France. The importance of reducing energy costs could go buy a thermostat connected in consumer habits, especially as prices of connected thermostats are starting to become more attractive with the arrival of new actors ( Momit, Qivivo Nest) and out of a niche market.