Samsung adds UV measurement and a sleep monitor to S Health

S Health, fitness app available on the Galaxy Note 4, for example, offers an update that tells us that it is possible to measure the UV from the phone, or oxygen saturation.

Samsung did not wait long to upstage Google Fit, offering an update for S Health. Some media report that Samsung devices that have a pulse sensor and application in its latest version (download from the Galaxy Apps) can now access data on their sleep, measure the UV rate, or the oxygen saturation.

In the French version, we’ve downloaded, oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2 on the application) is absent but there are two others. Quite intriguing, the UV sensor works very simply. Just to orient the mobile towards the sun, and within seconds, the application indicates whether the risks related to exposure are low, medium, or high. The application also gives recommendations for protecting yourself, but is very basic. It is still on track.