Samsung denies turning its back on Android Wear

Samsung, Android Wear does not make the weight in comparison to its own system for connected devices, Tizen. A blow to Google loses an ally here.

Article updated on 25/05/2016.

Update 25/05: Samsung told Engadget that Fast Company has been a little quick in its interpretation. “We have not changed our involvement for any of the platforms we use,” it is specified. This does not contradict but fully the words of Fast Company, Samsung is somewhat tied to Android Wear from the Gear Live.

Original article: In 2014, Google launched Android Wear and announced the first three partners, with the LG G Watch, Motorola and Samsung with 360 Motorbike with the Gear Live. If the first two manufacturers have since spawned other smartwatchs under Android Wear, Samsung for its part has quickly turned to Tizen, OS home team now that all wearables, last Gear S2. The manufacturer, however, has at no time expressed its position on the subject.

Tizen best Android Wear?

Fast Company was interested in the problem and therefore directly questioned Samsung who answered sincerely. Currently, no device under Android Wear is being designed at the Korean giant, or even expected. For the firm in Seoul, Tizen is currently the only viable solution, far ahead of Android Wear in terms of management autonomy, and better integrated with its own ecosystem since the same OS is also used to animate some TVs or appliances of the brand.

A knife in the back of Google

Although Google is supported by many partners (LG, Huawei, Motorola and even Tag Heuer and Fossil), it is a blow that losing Samsung ecosystem. As the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has an aura and a strike that only Apple power can equal or even exceed. Together, they also share 80% of the connected watch market.

Well aware of the delay of its solution, however, Google is trying to improve its system with the recent announcement of version 2.0 of Android Wear. And who knows, maybe in the future if Android Wear is moving in the right direction, Samsung could review its decision …