Samsung Digital Photo Printer SPP-2040B: test and review

After Dell and Photo Printer 540, Samsung has announced the commercialization of its first range of printers using dye-sublimation technology. Of the four models available, the Digital Photo Printer SPP-2040B embodies the most advanced model.

Rectangular in shape, the Digital Photo Printer SPP-2040B offers a line could not be more conventional. On the other hand, welcome the attention given to the finish of the printer. The gray metallic coating and shiny black and the metallic-looking control buttons gives it a certain class. A strong argument to convince the most resistant to the entry of this type of equipment in the living room. The front door to install the paper tray with a maximum capacity of 20 sheets. Another, placed on the right side hides the location of the ink cartridge. To avoid cable clutter, the manufacturer has had the good idea to gather all the jacks on the left side: power connector, USB port for direct connection to the computer and the entry for PictBridge connecting a digital camera or other equipment (camera, camera phone) compatible with this standard.

To his arrival on the market for photo printers, Samsung sign a complete and powerful product.

The LCD is moving from 15 to 60 ° for optimal convenience. We regret however the small size of the display area, reduced to 5 cm diagonal whereas many competing models are now equipped with screens of 6.5 cm (2.5 inch diagonal). Another bad thing is the low resolution. So that it becomes difficult to say with certainty whether a shot is blurred or not. A handicap that conversely accelerates the photo display. An advantage not maqueront leverage cameras delivering significant size of image files, selection of prints to make finding of fact facilitated.

In standalone mode, the Photo Printer SPP-2040B offers three solutions for transferring and printing of images. The memory card reader is thus most ergonomic, especially as all available formats on the market are recognized, there the xD-Picture Card. For “mini” format, an adapter is nevertheless essential. The PictBridge connector is the alternative since your camera is compatible. To draw from a mobile phone, better finally opt for a Bluetooth wireless transmission. Models Digital Photo Printer SPP-2040B and SPP-2020B are precisely distinguished from SPP-2040 and SPP-2020 versions by providing standard with a Bluetooth adapter that is received in the PictBridge port.

Question speed, Samsung announced a similar printing speed of one page per minute. A value tests confirm that we have made. The time required to draw a picture 10×15 cm evolving between 1 min 5 s and 1 min 14 s. The Digital Photo Printer SPP-2240B is thus found swifter even than the Dell Photo Printer 540, which had already made us very good impression. Moreover, the prints produced are proving excellent craftsmanship. The colors are very faithful, the well measured saturation and good details. The black and white outputs have almost no blue or red cast, either from a black image file and white or color. To provide a creative touch, multiple color modes are also offered, including sepia, rendering hottest, coldest or rendering the application of filters (red, green, blue). Other parameters such as brightness and sharpening can be adjusted. The results are however somewhat disappointing.

By opting for a consumable pack of 40 prints, the cost per page returns averaged 0.50. To reduce this rate, Samsung sells a second more substantial pack (120 sheets) dropping the cost of a print 10×15 cm to 0.35, which is relatively competitive compared to other manufacturers.