Samsung Galaxy Note 7: In Europe, there will be no pre-orders for everyone

Pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 7 are open for a few days in Europe and Samsung already faces one problem: demand is such that the stock will not be enough. We must therefore expect a shortage rather quickly.

After an announcement earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is about to get out of here a fortnight. To prepare for this event, the South Korean manufacturer has launched a pre-order campaign. However, it does not expect that it also works well in Europe and therefore limit their account number.

“The reaction of the market, combined with the extremely positive feedback from operators and reseller partners, indicates that the Note 7 will far exceed our original sales forecast for the region”, told Cnet Conor Pierce, vice president of Samsung UK -um and Ireland. “Therefore, the number of pre-orders for units will be limited due to unprecedented demand,” he adds.

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Preorders already closed

In some countries, including the UK, preorders of the Galaxy Note 7 are already suspended due to this high demand. In France, however, the three colors (black, blue and silver) are available on the official store of the brand. However, it is not impossible that the demand is stronger than supply here as well in the coming days.

This enthusiasm reflects the first enthusiastic feedback from the international press to discover this smartphone that combines the good characteristics of the Galaxy S7 and innovations more or less interesting according to users, such as iris scan, or even the arrival of the USB Type-C. In addition, Samsung offers its customers pre-order the smartphone which a virtual reality helmet Gear VR last generation. Finally, remember that some countries such as France have not been entitled to the Galaxy Note 5 last year, frustrating some users who wish well to catch up on this generation.

After that?

If Conor Pierce spoke on pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 7, he said nothing about stocks for launch. Given the high demand even before its launch, Samsung may have trouble producing enough stock to satisfy all customers in due course, despite this first limitation. Could this be the return of queues in front of stores?