Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: the upgrade to Lollipop is uncertain (Update)

While Samsung has now almost completed the updates of its latest devices to Lollipop, we still do not know what reserves the Korean for the Galaxy S4 Mini. And recent tweets sent by a British and Irish operator sow confusion.

Update: The English website YouMobile contacted Samsung to have explanation about updating the Galaxy S4 Mini. Samsung has confirmed work on it and confirms the arrival of Lollipop S4 Mini but refuses to give any release date.

Released during the summer of 2013 shortly after the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini is a smartphone that had really impressed us at the time, whether by design or rather succeeded by his very convincing performance. For once this “Mini” version was not a small Galaxy S4 at a discount but a midrange smartphone worthy of the name.

So far, the Galaxy S4 Mini has got the Android updates from Samsung. He is currently under KitKat but it is not yet known whether the update to Android was valid or not. And we still do not know exactly what awaits the Samsung device. Last week, the British customers of the Three operator asked on Twitter about the Galaxy S4 Mini would be entitled or not to Lollipop. The operator’s response was not much wait, no, he is not about to spend the Galaxy S4 Mini in Lollipop. Community Manager Three, indicating keep its information from Samsung even says that the update to Lollipop will not be possible due to limited storage space in the phone. To recap, the Galaxy S4 Mini has 8GB of internal memory but only 4.65 GB actually available.

@barbs_paul Sorry for the delay in replying Paul. There’s no plan for Lollipop for the S4 mini due to memory limitation. > DD

– ThreeUKSupport (@ThreeUKSupport) April 24, 2015

@YouMobile Hi there. Yes we’ve received confirmation from Samsung That this is due to a memory limitation with this device …

– ThreeUKSupport (@ThreeUKSupport) April 24, 2015

But while we thought the update of the Galaxy S4 Mini to Lollipop completely ruled out, Community Manager at Three Ireland said the smartphone would have the right to update. Not only the update was approved but it would be more being deployed on units purchased with the operator. Three Ireland says he does not take the same speech Three England as their updates are different.

@debbiebabes Hi Debbie, good news, That update has-been approved and HAS started to roll out so you shoulds Receive it in the coming weeks.

– Three Ireland Online (@ThreeCare) April 24, 2015

Who to believe? It’s hard to tell in the state, particularly since no update for the Galaxy S4 Mini was purchased yet seen. It will take a few days and see if one or other of the Community Manager has made a mistake. As for Samsung, it has never communicated officially on the subject. Therefore difficult to be optimistic in the state.

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