Samsung Galaxy S4, the Snapdragon 600 model will offer the root

Good news, know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505) with a Snadrapgon processor 600 now enjoys super-user rights privileges (su root, or in the jargon).

When I say that it’s not very useful, I mean for a normal user root will not bring much more for now natively puisqu’Android is already very open and flexible, including through applications available on Google Play. By cons, it is very useful for developers who can begin to develop ROMs Customs, modified Kernels, opportunities to overclock the processor and graphics chipset and others, that users can then exploit.

To do this, here are the instructions (advanced user only)

Unzip the contents of this zip file to a folder

If you use Windows, make sure you have the latest USB drivers installed Samsung

Enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone

Connect your smartphone to your PC via USB

For Windows, execute “run.bat” file available

For Linux or OSX, run. ” / “available in the file

Allow ADB connecting your PC to your mobile


Installing an unofficial version of the system will result

the invalidity of the warranty of the software part

resetting your device on another version of Android

In case of problems, neither we nor the designers of this system will not be held liable.

Note that the next official system update automatically remove the root.

source XDA Forum