Samsung Gear VR: first minutes of the controller dedicated to virtual reality helmet

Planned several months ago, the joystick designed by Samsung to support the VR Gear begins to take shape. The first visual predict the bare minimum, but with thoughtful storage option.

In 2014, Samsung launched its Galaxy GamePad, moderately ergonomic joystick that has never been particularly highlighted by the brand. With the arrival of virtual reality animated by our smartphones, the return of this kind of device makes sense and rumors already indicated last November the arrival of a new generation of handheld controller. The Czech Mania Samsung website claims to have some information about it, as well as minutes of the final object.

This joystick is purified to the maximum with a matt black front, joystick, four buttons, two “triggers” on the upper edge. Between them lies the Bluetooth sync button to pair the controller to the smartphone, and the facade hosts a menu button and a LED. The presence of the words “Gear VR” on the front and the absence of a second joystick – replaced by the user’s head movements – leave no doubt about the primary function of this controller.

Still according to Mania Samsung, this controller would exact dimensions necessary to replace the smartphone in the Gear VR, facilitating transportation. Although attached to the helmet, you do not have to look this lever at the bottom of your bag. Although apparently compact, it still weighs in 300 grams from the Czech site, which is very heavy. In comparison, a joystick Xbox One weighs 234 grams only and PlayStation DualShock 4 weighs 210 grams.

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For now, it is still only a rumor and no details have been clarified regarding its price or release date. Some, however, believe that Samsung could wait IFA in September to present his new accessory.