Samsung launches operation against a pizza up

How to encourage users to update their phone? Samsung may have found the solution in India, where it provides for discounts on Domino’s pizza for each updated.

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For smartphone manufacturers, software updates are often synonymous with puzzle. To the point they often dragging their feet to develop, what irritates deeply Google. But what if the users themselves do not want to install on their phone? Samsung may have found a solution and is testing in India.

Lol Samsung. ???

– Rakesh (@rakeshkhabiya) May 25, 2016

As reported on Twitter Rakesh, an Indian owner of a Galaxy J7, Samsung has just proposed to him through his shop of Galaxy App applications, benefit from a 20% discount voucher on pizza at Domino’s if installs its software update. For now, it seems that this offer is only reserved to India. But who knows? Would this not a test prior to deployment on a larger scale? Who could resist a pizza in exchange for a little update?

N with Android manufacturers should not have to ask the question. Google has announced that Android N updates will silently and through an ingenious system of double partition.