Samsung Pay off if root the Galaxy S6

Samsung announced that the Samsung Pay service would be disabled if the camera is ROOTE.

As the name suggests, Samsung Pay is a solution deployed by Samsung on some of its future phones to allow the user to enter his or her payment card in his phone and pay directly on a payment terminal (reader credit card) using his smartphone, contactless. As we suspected, Samsung Pay is based on technology that Korean has recently acquired the MST for Magnetic Secure Transmission. This technology comes from the recent acquisition of US startups LoopPay, announced last few days. It allows the smartphones that have to pay with most payment terminals. Samsung ads and the MST allows Samsung Pay to be compatible with more than 30 million payment terminals, compatible or not with the NFC.

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Currently available in the United States, in partnership with Visa, Mastercard and American Express, Samsung Pay will be (logically) deactivated if “root” of the Galaxy S6. The security system is provided by Samsung Knox, who will also be disabled. As a reminder, the Android rootage is that allowing users to perform elevation of privilege (known as the “SuperUser rights”) on the Android system. So you can access certain system files, run applications that require administrative privileges or directly modify the OS of your device.

In Europe and the US, it is legal to rooter his camera, however the manufacturers and operators can take precautions, such as Samsung in this case.