Samsung unveils brain sensor that can prevent stroke

Samsung is not only a manufacturer of smartphones, TVs or refrigerators. Korean also working on medical equipment for the general public. It has just unveiled the EDSAP, headphones connected to a smartphone capable of preventing strokes.

Samsung, like many new technology companies are very interested in the medical field and how it is possible to connect medical devices to consumer devices. In this perspective, the Korean has unveiled the EDSAP for Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package, a helmet connected to a smartphone or a tablet, can prevent stroke, more known as stroke. This prototype stuffed sensors can detect brain waves generated by electrical oscillations of neurons in the brain. These brain waves are then transcribed on a smartphone or tablet with an application dedicated to EDSAP that should display on the smartphone brain rhythm helmet wearer. The application then will be able to gauge the likelihood of risk of stroke. The aim is not so much to indicate that a stroke will occur that warn the user that there is a risk and it is advisable to consult a doctor. The type of notification that no one wants to appear one day on their smartphone …

Samsung says that such devices already exist in hospitals. But EDSAP has many advantages. The first is that the analysis of brain waves with only takes a minute with the Samsung device against 15 minutes or more for traditional devices. The second is that the brain wave analysis is very detailed thanks to special rubber materials and conductors that make up what has been discovered headset Samsung’s engineers. Finally, and this is the point that Samsung deems most important, these rubber materials can integrate the EDSAP on any everyday object, like a hairpin or branches glasses. The prototype image visible again in the shape of a helmet, but Samsung says it already can greatly miniaturize.

Samsung makes no release date for that sensor of a particular genre but the simple fact that the officially announced on its official website states that the manufacturer believes the product is viable and marketable. Samsung also says that this sensor may eventually also monitor a user’s heart rate to prevent heart attacks and potentially prevent other diseases related to the brain. Samsung says that the particular EDSAP will provide information on sleep cycles or stress.