Saygus V2: excuses, but no smartphone

Nearly two years the joke continues. Saygus, this American brand marketing a supposed V2 with promising characteristics – at the time of the CES 2015 – did occasionally talk about her. It thus promises the resumption of its terminal validation process with the US authorities.

Rarely – except in the context of project delivery schedules initiated on crowdfunding sites – Will you wait so that the few customers still interested in a product. Saygus in January 2015, had indeed at CES in Las Vegas its prototype V2, a promising device made of high-end features for its time (Snapdragon 801 in support), including leveraging an ingenious integration its antennas or on the presence of a double microSD slot. Since then, the American brand provides news from time, pushing the availability of its terminal, which has still raised over a million dollars in his campaign Indiegogo close … July 25, 2015.

Wait for the barge, Saygus announced it six months ago, the integration of a port USB Type-C and two SIM ports to its terminal, expected to be commercialized in the first quarter of the year. Since then, radio silence, almost.

The FCC in question

In the month of July, Saygus, who certainly encounter many difficulties also home they are rare among its competitors, evoked a new deadline imposed on certification with the FCC, particularly because of “positioning the front camera” V2.

The Federal Communications Commission, which is responsible for validating the marketing of mobile terminals in the US, seems like an excellent customer Saygus, which means still responsible for the umpteenth time.

We will re-start the FCC process next week with the final release of the PCB.

– Team Saygus (@Saygus) August 6, 2016

Last weekend, announced Saygus indeed have started the validation process of the V2 with the FCC, stating also that the validation process, the brand has pressing, take three to four weeks. Does this mean that once the validation obtained Saygus deliver smartphones that await only a legal green light to be shipped? One can only doubt and empathize with his clients, who on his Indiegogo campaign, complain vainly waiting for their refund.