SFR: a price increase expected on mobile

SFR is preparing to significantly increase its rates. Specifically, these are the options and services to and from abroad who suffer a rate increase.

Another rate increase at SFR. We remember in fact the arrival of 4G in early RED for all packages, which had resulted in the price increase and disappearance of certain services such as YouTube advantage. If we are to believe our colleagues Site N9ws, SFR is preparing to increase the rates of certain options and services abroad from 5 January.

The options tariffs increase

First, six options should see their price increase of one euro per month if the package does not include the basic: Call Waiting (2 euros per month), Rollover Minutes (2 euros per month), Live TV (2 per month), SFR Live Answering (2 euros per month), SFR Sécurité (3 euros per month) and finally the Bonus 26s (2 euros per month).

Calls and SMS in France

Calls originating in France outside the package may be charged € 0.55 per minute against 0.38 currently. The price of international calls from France also increased from 0.51 to 0.67 per minute for the Europe Zone 1 and 2, from 0.61 to 0.81 euros a minute for North America the Europe Zone 3, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, and finally 1.51 to 1.99 per minute for the rest of the world. SMS and MMS sent from France to abroad suffer the same fate including SMS which would pass from 0.30 to 0.40 for all zones.

From abroad

From abroad, the increase in rates would continue, both for calls made and received, but also for SMS and MMS sent and received. Good news however, SMS from Europe and overseas would not see their rates increase, staying at 0.07 euro per SMS sent. We imagine that the reverse would have been frowned upon while Europe adopted the end roaming charges by 15 June 2017. We also take this opportunity to remind the SMS received abroad are free.

The data also concerned

Finally, rates of data abroad would also be on the rise, except for Europe where we retain a billing € 0.24 per MB for the other countries, would be € 1.98 euro per MB up to 18.48 euros per MB as against 1.5 at 14 euros per MB now.

Termination without future costs

The new tariffs should be applicable on 5 January. For now, this information has not been confirmed by SFR. We contacted the operator and will update the article if necessary. We take this opportunity to remember that any price increase imposed by the operator to committed customers allows them to terminate their toll-free package. Unless the new rates are only applied to new customers.

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