SFR network opens first “Ultra mobile broadband”

Pending the implementation of 5G standards, SFR begins using Ultra mobile broadband network, an evolution of 4G, which will, according to the operator, “triple” of the flow.

SFR is trying to revolutionize 4G opening to individuals and businesses its Ultra mobile broadband network. Using the frequency aggregation, this technology achieves a theoretical maximum throughput of 337.5 Mb / s, “tripling of 4G.”

Better than the 4G

To fully benefit from this technology, it is necessary to have a triple-band enabled smartphone, which is quite rare outside of Samsung’s high end devices released since the Galaxy Note 4 (included). SFR also states that it markets two compatible handsets, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. It must also be in coverage of three bands concerned, namely 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz.

Those who do not have adequate terminal, however, should feel an improvement in their network. Indeed, users with this high-speed network will release the load on the bands 800 MHz and 2600 by shifting part of their data transfers on the 1800 MHz band. In addition, they should remain active in less time to download an equivalent network.

A limited deployment

Ultra mobile broadband SFR is active today in Brest. Twenty French cities should also benefit by the end of 2016, including Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Montpellier and Nantes this summer. The schedule for other cities were not disclosed.

Regarding the competition, Orange displays a maximum theoretical throughput of 223 Mb / s for now, Bouygues announced until “nearly 300 Mb / s.”