SFR wants to Free Mobile and Orange

After the price war, operators have launched legal battles. Last procedure to date, the second French operator has applied to the European Commission about the roaming agreement between Orange and Free Mobile.

Remember, in order to allow Free Mobile to launch its tender in good conditions (ahem), Orange concluded a roaming partnership with Free Mobile (Iliad). SFR (Vivendi) saw this partnership as a threat … In the second mobile operator Orange could potentially control co-Free Mobile.

According to ARCEP, Free Mobile covers more than 37% of the territory. As network coverage is too limited, 85% of the traffic passes through the Orange network. Result, SFR think it is a “joint acquisition of control of France Telecom Mobile Free”. Anti-competitive …

Obviously, this complaint is very little chance of success. The ultimate goal of SFR would simply know the commercial terms of the agreement between the two operators. SFR is convinced that this agreement includes conditions “maddening.”

Free Mobile announced over 4.4 million subscribers end of September, however, with more than 400,000 registrations per month … the fourth operator is expected to exceed 5 million registrations before the end of the year.