Shazam on Android development

Shazam, available on the AppStore (iPhone) since the launch of V2, is in development on Android. The soéciété develops Shazam, Pcket-Lint, announced last week that her favorite software has been downloaded over a million times on the AppStore.

But what Shazam?

Shazam is a music recognition application that instantly obtain the title of a song that you are listening. Simply launch the software and shine your iPhone on the music source, and after a few seconds Shazam gives you the song title, but also the full details of it (album, artist, CD cover, etc. …). But it goes further, it allows time stamp a title automatically, and … watch the clip of the song on YouTube, or buy it on a legal download site (iTunes for the iPhone).

Fisher, director of Pocket-Lint, wants to go even faster in the coming months “We want to be more than 250 million phones by the end of 2009”. To achieve this objective, it will propose Shazam for Motorola phones, Samsung, Sony Ericsson …

About Android, “We are very interested in the Android platform and we are developing now a version for Android.”

Finally, this is not all.

“The MP3 player will be dead in three years,” said Fisher. This is a bold statement, but supported by the fact that 90% of the phones come with a music player by the end of 2009, and Fisher would stress, they will all be able to connect the Shazam service.