Signed a new bracelet connected HTC shows in the US

So finally HTC has not abandoned plans related to tracking of activities. A bracelet signed the Taiwanese appeared in a US government agency, noting the proximity of its launch not only in his homeland but also in the West.

Justifiants many delays in the launch of its Grip, a bracelet logged in partnership with the sports brand Under Armour, HTC recently assured: it prepares, rather than a single strap, while a connected ecosystem dedicated to athletes, most novice to the more experienced. A range of products is well planned for 2016, but without the Taiwanese will be shown more specific about the devices to wait.

This is the side of the FCC, the certification committee of American telecoms, which in today learn a little more. While a priori, the Grip has simply been canceled in favor of other bracelets of the same type, the agency issued the certification of an activity tracker HTC signed. 2PPN as the model, there is still little evidence that book, since it is simply that he has a Bluetooth connectivity, as all bracelets of this kind, and it will be powered a battery – not a battery, as do Misfit or Withings. Everything is categorized as “fitness band” or bracelet fitness.

It does however mention any screen when the grip was with a small OLED 1.8-inch slab to view the performance of the wearer or notifications received on his smartphone. However, one can expect, without going too far, counting the steps, the distance covered or calories burned. Everything should be revealed in detail shortly, the certifications issued by the FCC generally shortly before commercial release. His name, meanwhile should definitely be a bit more glamorous than “2PPN”.