Simplify your life, plan to send your wishes by SMS (Android)

Eve, it’s tonight, and the fateful date is synonymous with SMS sending to relatives with whom you do not share the traditional turkey with chestnuts. And if, instead of spending the evening the nose on your smartphone, you take things in hand? Here are a few apps that allow you to plan sending your wishes, Christmas or next week, good year.

Evolve SMS

Among the most famous SMS applications, SMS Evolve benefit of a very regular support, the latest update dating from this week. Besides a welcome Material Design style, the app offers many features and is compatible with Android Wear. And if you agree to pay a few cents as in-app purchase, you will receive SMS planning and some still useful bonuses (a private inbox, protecting your private messages curious eyes of your nephews turbulent … ).

EvolveSMS (Text Messaging)

Luke Klinker


Chomp SMS

Even fight for Chomp SMS, again a classic! The material design is also honored and a fee, you will get rid of advertising that finances the application. As for planning messages, it is present from the outset.

chomp SMS

Delicious Inc.


SMS Scheduler (Text later)

You certainly do not upload this application to the elegance of its design. However, it has the merit to what its title suggests: it allows to schedule SMS and nothing else. You do not transform SMS Scheduler in default SMS application.

SMS Scheduler (Text Later)

Gizmoquip LLC


A + SMS Sender

Recently out on the Play Store, the application A + SMS Sender offers exactly the same functionality. The number of message recipients is unlimited, and the app is free of advertising!

Auto SMS

A little old, Auto SMS app offers just as flagship feature, planning sending SMS. Unfortunately, some users report some bugs since its last (and old) updated in June 2014. The application is free and does not shine by a wildly successful design! A test last resort.

Auto SMS

Thein Min Naing


Feel free to send us your recommendations if you know of other applications for planning to send SMS! And … Happy New Year holidays! ?