Snapshots Bing, Microsoft is trying to overtake Google Now on Tap

Microsoft has updated its Bing app for Android. The big surprise of this update is that it introduces functionality “snapshots on tap”, which uses the same principle as Google Now on Tap. Microsoft occupies the land and enjoys the delay by Google.

Some reminders are necessary if you have not followed closely the Android news in recent months. At the last Google I / O, high anneal conference where Google presents upcoming features in Android, Google introduced Google Now on Tap. A Google Now related search feature that allows the integrated search assistant natively on Android to conduct research related to that conceals an application displayed on the screen. Specifically, if you watch a movie trailer on YouTube application, a long press on the home button of the phone will bring up a search window that displays content directly linked to the movie trailer you look.

However, this feature is not yet present in the latest developer preview of Android 6.0 Marshmallow but should be integrated into the next version of the mobile OS from Google. And indeed, Microsoft took advantage of the delay to propose today a new version of its Bing search application with a “snapshot on tap” functionality.

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Basically, snapshots on tap is an almost identical copy of Google Now on Tap. After installing the Bing application, just hold the Home button pressed for a few moments to appear in Bing overprinted with information related to what is displayed on the screen, accessed on the application. What Microsoft calls “Bing Snapshots”.

For now, the snapshots on tap works only on US smartphones. For having tried, it does not work on my smartphone. The early returns indicate that the application works pretty well on the articles. Bing displays articles from Wikipedia or to open other applications that can display content related to the original subject. But Bing is still struggling to find and display results when multiple topics are on the same page, as can be the case in a discussion on social networks. Microsoft will improve the behavior of its application in the coming weeks and clearly intends to take the lead over Google on this subject. Note also that snapshots on tap should also arrive shortly on Windows 10, office automation and mobile version on iOS as well.

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