SNCF is testing Google Glass on its controllers

SNCF, iDTGV by its branch, is currently testing Google Glass by placing before the eyes of its agents.

The iDTGV SNCF subsidiary has experienced yesterday using Google Glass by its controllers. It is on the Paris-Béziers line that these first tests take place, and the SNCF explains that the officers and “in range of eye data required for boarding of hundreds of travelers. The crew then access the same information as that displayed on their PDA Samsung Galaxy Note II including: full name, car number, on board, travel atmosphere, reserved and even the anniversary. ”

The Metro newspaper has also followed these agents in Gare de Lyon and gathered some comments from users, some a little surprised or not having “understood what it was for.” For SNCF, the goal is to see if Google Glass bring added value to the work of agents, or facilitate contact with customers. However, eyeglasses are often criticized for their intrusive side, and some customers of the railway should still see a dim view of their use in our trains.

Rest assured, except on the Paris-Béziers, you should not see Google Glass before a good time on the nose of our controllers. The idea of ​​modernizing the work of agents is not bad in itself, especially as Google Glass have a huge marketing advantage over other high-tech products, giving a true image of modernity to SNCF. However, if one takes into account the price of glasses, the goodwill of the officials or the weak autonomy of the product, the idea should remain in the test phase.